Lush Christmas Event

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Lush Spa here in Liverpool to have a look at the Christmas goodies along with the current halloween collection. This is the third Lush event I've been to and as a regular customer of Lush, they are absolutely wonderful!

I got abit snap happy with my camera as per usual but the products are just soooo aesthetically pleasing, who can blame me? The bewitched bubble bar was my absolute favourite product from the halloween collection, as someone who loves cats and halloween for that fact it is right up my street.

Then we got a lovely tour of the spa which is heavenly. They also had a lovely selection of vegan food in the spa which was delicious (coming from a non-vegan). The highlight of my night was making my own bubble bar, we made the comforter bubble bar if you know of it, I sadly have no pictures of this as it was a pretty hands on job and I had to wear gloves.

After making my bubble bar and eating enough pretzels to feed a family, I continued to browse the christmas gifts and trying the free samples. I got a bunch of free samples of the face masks so I will have to give you all my verdict on them as I have only used one but I love it, I'm such a sucker for face masks. Of course we got a goodie bag before leaving....

In my goodie bag I got a 'Butterbear Wash Card' and a 'Naked Lip Scrub'. I also got a 'Naked Shower Gel' which you can see here on the website as I did used it before taking the pictures and now it is proven hard to get an image of. I really like the idea of Lush creating products like shower gel with no plastic packaging because it just proves how easy it is. I will be sure to write a follow up post on this to let you all know what I thought of the products. In the mean time, go and shop the wonderful range at your local Lush store and if you are from Liverpool, at the event I was informed our Lush store is moving to a bigger unit and is going to be one of the biggest going so thats pretty exciting.

Love, Heather x

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