Yard and Coop Blogger Night

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being invited to a blogger evening with a brand new restaurant called Yard and Coop, I have never actually attended a restaurant opening in all the years of having my blog and it did not disappoint. If you can't already tell by the name it is a chicken restaurant and as a big lover of it all I was very excited.

The whole layout of the restaurant was stunning, they had coops which looked just like chicken coops which I thought was a great idea and made the atmosphere really cute. The food was gorgeous, I am fuming that I didn't get a snap of my food to share with you all because I am not lying when I say it tasted amazing and looked amazing!

We started the night off with some cocktails and given it being a chicken restaurant the cocktails had eggs in. I absolutely loved them, could have drank them all night (kind of did drink them all night). Now if you're thinking 'I'm a vegetarian, what there for me?' let me tell you they do a lot of non-meat options. If you like cheese then you will love the non-chicken nuggets they do, they are basically battered halloumi and are to die for. I am such a cheese person as it is so I was all over these and one of the sides they did was mac 'n' cheese balls which again were to die for.

Overall, the restaurant is gorgeous and the food is tasty as hell so get down to Yard & Coop. The one in Liverpool is on Hanover Street and the one in Manchester is located in The Northern Quarter, I would highly recommend you try it if you can get down to one and you like chicken.

Love, Heather x

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