Sera Ulger LDN Event in Topshop Liverpool

Hi guys so I had the pleasure of going to the launch of Sera Ulger LDN in Topshop! Last week me and a few other bloggers went down to Topshop to view some of the gorgeous designs from Sera Ulger LDN. The night was filled with beautiful designs and a little catwalk to show off the pieces.

The collection was absolutely insane! The designs were to die for, I spent the evening walking around with some prosecco looking at the designs, I wanted them all sadly my bank balance was not agreeing with me. There was a little fashion show to show off how good you can look in these designs.

As you can see there was alot of variety in the designs and the models were gorgeous! I loved the whole collection and I will be purchasing some of the pieces.

Can't wait for more fashion events here in Liverpool, thank you to Steph from Liverpool Bloggers for setting this up!

Love, Heather X

Bourjois // Healthy Balance Compact Powder

Another beauty post for you all! My skin is probably the most annoying skin in the world, its dry then its oily then I'm breaking out I hate it. I find products that work for me then stick with them, I've used to same foundation for 18 months now but it works. Face powder is a one of my essentials because I can sometimes look too oily but because my skin is dry in parts it can dry me out so finding the right balance can be hard for me.

I've always been a lover of the Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel but as my skin seems to be getting dryer, this powder has really started to dry me out so I had to go looking for another powder and my skin really doesn't like change! I did abit of a research and there is far too many face powders out there for me to choose, however I have always been a fan of Bourjois. I've done a few posts on Bourjois products because they work so well for my skin, so I decided to go for the Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder as I need a powder that is good for the skin and keeps you glowing as opposed to drying you out.

Safe to say I really love this powder and so does my skin. Its lightweight, it keeps my skin healthy and isn't breaking me out which is a win-win situation for me. At £8.99 a pop you can't complain, face powders seem to last a life time (unless you drop them and smash them which I have been known to do) so I would definitely recommend investing in this powder if you have combination skin. It really balances out the oils and keeps you looking healthy throughout the day. I wear it to work and after a 9 hour shift my skin is still looking as healthy as ever. Get down to Boots as all Bourjois products are 3 for 2 so go treat yourself!

Love, Heather x

Tony Moly // Sheet Masks

Hola! Its been a while again (I'm sorry again) but August seems to have completely pasted me by like did it even happen? Anyway, when I was in Barcelona I visited Sephora which was one of the most beautiful shops I have ever been to, seriously when is the UK getting one?! I purchased these sheet masks from Tony Moly which is a Korean skincare brand and I have a lot of love for Korean skincare as its normally really cute and benefits my skin so naturally I had to try these!

The main problems I've faced with my skin has been breakouts and redness, I sometimes find that facemasks can actually lead to breakouts on my skin rather than fix them but I have to say I've had a lot of success with these ones. The first one I picked up was the seaweed skin purifying mask. I love the seaweed face mask from The Body Shop and I find that seaweed skincare really loves my skin so this was a given. This made my skin feel very fresh and cleared up any blackheads that were lurking on my face.

Aloe is another ingredient that my skin loves, its so subtle and kind to the skin, This aloe moisturizing mask gave me the softest skin I've ever had. I know the main bonus of a facemask is the lovely soft, subtle feeling afterwards but imagine that times ten my skin was soft for days and I will be picking this up again!

Avocados just scream healthy to me, I never eat them but I know I should try because they truly are a wonder food but instead of eating them I've put them on my face. This avocado nutrition sheet mask is lovely, its very light on the skin and it gave me an overall glow while keeping my skin soft and moist. I would probably recommend this mask for any skin type as its not got a specific skin in mind and it made my skin look fresh for days.

So they were the ones I picked up, I definitely want to re-purchase them because my skin will miss them. Discover the whole range of Tony Moly at Cult Beauty here.

Love, Heather x
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