Holy Grail Moisturiser // Benefit Total Moisture

I'm excited this post has actually made it on the blog! I took pictures for this post back in March and I clearly procrastinated that much only now am I writing it. Anyway, how are you all? Once again I have been slow with blog posts but I want to share with you all the only moisturiser I have been using these past few months and that is the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. I absolutely adore this moisturiser and as someone who suffers from dry/oily/sensitive skin this is a god sent (my skin is so temperamental and annoying).

I would have to say as always with Benefit products the down side is the price but it is worth it. This is a really light moistiriser but it will sort out them dry patches like theres no tomorrow, I honestly don't know how my skin would cope without this it fixes every little thing. Not to mention, again with all Benefit products, the packaging is super cute.

Have you guys ever used this moisturiser? What did you think?

Love, Heather x

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