Hi loves with it offically being summer (I don't think that news has quite hit England yet) I have been browsing for some summer clothes because my summer wardrobe is well, basically non-existent. I don't know where all my summer clothes have gone but if I dont go shopping soon then I am basically going to be wearing black jeans for the next 2 months.

One of my current favourite places for clothes is Missguided. I want to buy everything off their website at the minute, there is some absolutely gorgeous things on there so I have rounded up some of my favourites to share with you what is currently top of my wishlist!

Thats all for my Missguided summer wishlist! Let me know if you want a wishlist from any other retailers and expect lots more style posts this summer.

Love, Heather xx


When I saw that Beyonce was launching a clothing/sport line with none other than Topshop I couldn't wait to see what it contained and I was not disappointed. I honestly love the whole collection, I was browsing it for a while before I actually bought an item but in the end I purchased the Pale Pink Crew Neck Sweatshirt. I love the colour of this as the collection is mainly black and white (no complaints) but I was drawn to the pinks because I am true barbie when it comes to pink.

As the collection is an activewear range (I wore this outfit to go for coffee then shopping, so yes I used it for sport) it had to be styled with some active shoes. I recently bought the White Print Adidas Originals Gazelle OG's which I am in love with. I have never owned a pair of Adidas which is an absolute travesty because they are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned, no lie.

I had so much fun shooting this look, I hate how this jumper has made me look 10x bigger than I am but it was super comfy! I was also boiling I don't know why I chose to shoot this look in summer but oh well, hope you all enjoyed.

Love, Heather X

Monthly Favourites // May

As if we are half way through 2016! The year is well and truly flying but I couldn't be enjoying it more. Now I want to apologise for not doing a monthly favourites since January which seems like ages ago, I just haven't been as on the ball with my blogging but for the next 6 months I'll be here each months filling you in on my faves.

This lipstick by Seventeen has been out for a while now but I recently picked up the Stay Pout Lipstick in 'Its a Kiss Off'. I love this shade its so subtle and the tones are so gentle, its such a staple colour for day and night which is why I've been using it like crazy this past month!

Body scrubs from The Body Shop are my absolute favourites, if I could I would buy every single one in the store but sadly my bank balance wouldn't let me also it would be just a tad weird. Anyway, this body scrub is from the British Rose Collection  and its such a gorgeous scent, I was going crazy in the store I ended up buying the body scrub and the body butter, not that I needed either but I couldn't say no.

This Boots Botanic Hydrating Day Cream is the only moisturiser I have used for about 3 months now (yes I know its day cream but I use it at night aswell, sue me). I think this cream truly is the definition of 'a little goes a long way' because the smallest amount covers so much and it lasts you forever. As someone who doesn't sleep that much this cream is such a life saver it brightens and softens the skin which is what I need out of a moisturiser.

Thats all for my favourites this month but I will posting alot for in the next coming months, hopefully more outfit posts as England has finally got some nice weather!

Love, Heather x
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