Monthly Favourites // January

So the first month of 2016 is over but it has been an amazing month and a brilliant start to the year, what a better way to celebrate than sharing my favourites with all your beauties! I haven't done a favourites post since last June, I don't know how that happened I really slacked on the blogging front last year but not to worry 2016 will be filled with lots of posts.

I have been all over fragrances this month, I received a fair few for Christmas but my favourite scent has to be Heat by Beyonce. I am a sucker for celebrity perfumes, I have owned pretty much every one under the sun and the Beyonce perfumes are to die for.

I haven't splurged much on beauty this month but I did pick up the Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara which I found to be the perfect mascara. Its very subtle and healthy for the lashes, I have always been a big Benefit mascara user but Rimmel mascaras never fail to impress me and the selection is endless!

January was pretty much a month of me loving Soap and Glory, I mean I love Soap and Glory at the best of times but because I got so much of it for Christmas and then proceeded to buy some of it in the sale my love is at an all time high. The Heel Genius by Soap and Glory has been a must use for me this month, as someone who gets dry heels this has been a saviour and I would never have thought about buying it myself it juts so happened to be in a gift set I received.

I think I may have mentioned this specific TV show here on Magazines and Dreams in the past but I have spent my whole Christmas holidays re-watching Gossip Girl because its just the best TV show going, it never fails to impress me I could watch it endlessly. Side note: UK Netflix is getting rid of it in February so watch as much of it as you can before it goes. *sobs*

If you want to listen to what music I have been listening to this month listen to my Spotify playlists here. That is it for this months favourites! Hope you all had a great start to this year and the rest of the year is bright for you.

Lots of love, Heather x

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