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With festival season being announced left, right and centre and people getting excited for summer (winter needs to move on), I thought I would do a post on the queen of boho chic style Vanessa Hudgens! I have always idolised how Vanessa dresses because she is so chic and fits that Californian style, I have picked some of my favourite looks from her blelow.

Firstly is this super cute flowery jumpsuit that Vanessa wore just to do some shopping, oh how I wish I lived that LA life style if you dressed like this in the UK to shop you would get some weird looks. Never the less, she looks amazing and the braided hairstyle really completes it for me as she looks so elegant. I love how this flows with it showing off abit of her torso, it looks so comfy while still being stylish.

This next look is abit more casual and fits more of her grunge side while its still quite girly, I like that she keeps the colours dull. I love the playsuit, the lace on the shorts really completes the look for me along with a green shirt. I love that shade of green and I would never think of pairing these together but she really works it and proves why she is a constant fashion inspiration for everyone out there!

I love this look, I think it has a more high fashion feel to it I could imagine a top model coming straight to fashion week rocking this look. Vanessa slays in this look, I love the colour palette the bag goes so well with the more subtle colours she has chosen for the rest of the outfit. The top and skirt alone would have made a killer outfit but I think the coat completes the whole look perfectly.

Definitely one of my favourite looks by her, I remember seeing this on tumblr back when I was just starting to blog and I was so inspired by it. It looks unbelievably comfy while she just strolls through New York (I'm guessing this is New York because celebrities seem to spend a lot of time there). The sandals are what do it for me because never in a million years will you catch me in these things but Vanessa just shows how chic you can look in them.

Lastly is this super summery look from Vanessa. I am missing summer so badly right now, I think this look fits her boho style perfectly. The top, the hat, the shorts, the boots everything is just so perfect I honestly don't know what to say. This looks is gorgeous and I much prefer her with this ombre hair.

So there are my favourite looks from Vanessa! What do you think of her style?

Lots of love, Heather x

P.S if there is anyone you want me to do a street style post on just comment below. :)

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