Jimmy Choo // Flash Perfume

I have been lusting after a Jimmy Choo perfume for a while now so when I received the Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume for christmas I was so happy! This perfume is gorgeous inside and out, its got quite a strong but not over powering scent so it lasts you all day.

I'm not going to lie I am useless at describing scents so I don't know why I chose to do a blogpost on a scent. It has quite a sweet scent to it and subtle undertones. I use it on a day to day basis as it doesn't really scream nightlife, I know that Jimmy Choo made a limited edition perfume a while back called 'London Club' which was more of a going out one so this one is a lot more subtle.

I also received the shower gel along side the perfume which make a lovely combination. I would recommend this perfume to anyone who likes a subtle day to day, quite girly fragrance because it really fits that. Click here for a full list of fragrances in it.

Love, Heather x

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