Hello 2016

So somehow its 2016? I'm in disbelief that the year has come around so quickly I remember January 2015 like it was yesterday! 2015 was one of the most amazing years for me, I feel like I grew so much as a person and accomplished alot, its safe to say alot happened in the space of 12 months life, so much changed and I met some amazing people. If I could describe 2015 in one word it would be unpredictable because I didn't see alot of the things that happened to me coming so it was a year of surprises and experiences. I'm definitely starting 2016 on a high and I can't wait to see what the year brings me. Last year I did a post called 'Hello 2015' which was all my resolutions and goals and I plan on doing the same with this post while reflecting on my old resolutions...

Looking back at last years resolutions I wanted to lose weight, eat healthy, drink more water, post more on instagram, be organised and save money. I can safely say I posted more on Instagram (follow me here), I've drank more water and I've started saving money so yay! However, the others weren't quite the success I had hoped for so I will focus on them this year aswell. Here are my resolutions/goals for 2016:

1. Lose Weight.
Oh my god how simple this concept and how much I struggle with it. To be totally honest I'm not massively overweight but I'm at my biggest I've ever been which gets me down a bit so I want to lose weight in 2016 so my confidence is high. This will also mean I can buy more clothes and post them here for you all to see!

2. Be Organised/Tidy.
This is something I have always been bad at, I try to be tidy but somehow my room always ends up looking a mess, I'm okay at organising, I just want to be better at it because I stay organised for a few weeks then all of a sudden everything is all messed up again so that needs to stop!

3. Get an offer from a uni.
Hopefully I will be applying for university at the end of this year which is exciting so I'm hoping for an offer around December if not early 2017. So I guess this goal is also work really hard on my schoolwork so I get the grades needed, to be honest I've been slacking alot lately.

4. Start my driving lessons.
As I turned 17 in the summer, here in the UK legally I can drive so I got my provisional but I am yet to start my lessons, I hope to start my lessons and pass my theory this year or early next year! It will be ages before I get a car but it would still be nice to have a licence.

These are my main goals for the new year! What are your resolutions for 2016? I hope you all have an amazing year.

Love, Heather x

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