A Little Inspiration

We all get our inspiration from somewhere, it could literally be anything and thats what's so wonderful about it all. I get inspiration everywhere I go, I get a lot of outfit inspiration when I'm just sitting on the bus, I see so many well put together outfits and it makes me want to change my outfit. It doesn't help that I see these people at 8 in the morning looking fresh faced with killer outfits while I threw on the first thing I found and my make-up's all over the place. This also gives me inspiration to get up earlier and make more of an effort. 

Obviously the internet is full of inspiration and I get so much of it from Tumblr and Pinterest. In a weird way Tumblr has changed my life a lot because I discovered so many TV shows, celebrities, models and blogs through it which have influenced me in a massive way. Same for Pinterest, I don't use Pinterest as much but when I do I spend a good hour on it because it is literally non stop inspo. Below, I will share some inspiration I have found over on my tumblr.




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