Street Style // MFW Spring 2016

We've been to New York and London and now Milan fashion week is here! I personally think some of the best street style has been captured this week compared to the last week even though they were also incredibly stylish. Here are my favourite street style looks from the latest fashion week.

Thats all for this post! Looking forward to Paris Fashion Week.

Love, Heather x

Street Style // LFW Spring 2016

Hi loves, I'm a little late with this post as LFW has gone by and we are well and truly into MFW but hey its never too late to appreciate good street style, right? Here are some of my favourite looks from the week gone by!

Check out the full gallery here. Heres to the second half of the fashion season being as fabulous as the first half!

Love, Heather x

The Body Shop // Facemasks

Hello hello, I have had this post sitting in my drafts for well over a month now and I'm finally writing it. So we all know that I love The Body Shop (who doesn't?) but over the past year I have used their facemasks religiously. I try and do one at least once a week sometimes twice and my go-to for them is of course The Body Shop, so which ones have I been using?

My first love from The Body Shop was the tea tree range because no one knows as well as me what a god sent tea tree is to acne ridden skin and the Tea Tree Face Mask is the best face mask I have ever used for breakouts. It obviously has a strong smell of tea tree so if you don't like that then I would stay clear straight away, its quite light so you can use it twice a week and its not hard to remove. It lasts for a while as well so you do get your money's worth.

The Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask  is one of the best I have come across! I only bought this last month when The Body Shop had a massive shopping event on with 40% off so it was an impulse buy but it really cleanses the skin, I mean it really cleanses it. Everytime I use it I feel like my skin has been refreshed, there's a reason this is a best seller.

If you are looking for a light face mask to use regularly then the Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask is for you. I bought this as well on impulse (shocking) because at this point I had only used the tea tree face mask and I'd heard great things about The Body Shop's range of face masks. I was not disappointed by this, it is so gentle on the skin while getting rid of any excess oil.

These are the 3 facemasks I have used from The Body Shop, you can shop the whole range here.


Heather xx

A Little Inspiration

We all get our inspiration from somewhere, it could literally be anything and thats what's so wonderful about it all. I get inspiration everywhere I go, I get a lot of outfit inspiration when I'm just sitting on the bus, I see so many well put together outfits and it makes me want to change my outfit. It doesn't help that I see these people at 8 in the morning looking fresh faced with killer outfits while I threw on the first thing I found and my make-up's all over the place. This also gives me inspiration to get up earlier and make more of an effort. 

Obviously the internet is full of inspiration and I get so much of it from Tumblr and Pinterest. In a weird way Tumblr has changed my life a lot because I discovered so many TV shows, celebrities, models and blogs through it which have influenced me in a massive way. Same for Pinterest, I don't use Pinterest as much but when I do I spend a good hour on it because it is literally non stop inspo. Below, I will share some inspiration I have found over on my tumblr.




Street Style // NYFW Spring 2016

Fashion season has arrived! I couldn't be happier I have been monitoring Twitter like crazy for the past week catching all things #NYFW and what a week it has been, the shows have been amazing, the guests have been stunning and as always the street style did not disappoint. As always I am sharing my favourite street style looks with you all here on Magazines and Dreams, enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed all my favourite looks! I found them all here on Vogue. Also this is my 200th post *mini wave of celebration*.


Heather xx

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