Spotlight on: Victoria's Secret Body Lotions

Saying Victoria's Secret was a nice store would be an understatement because it is one of the most beautiful stores I have ever been in, we don't have one here in Liverpool so when I was shopping Manchester the other week I was beyond excited to go into an actual Victoria's Secret store. I was in love with everything, I didn't know where to start! I have seen various body products across Tumblr from Victoria's Secret and I have been lusting after them for as long as I can remember. Sure you can get them on Amazon but it actually works out cheaper to get them in store, they have 3 for £24 as an offer while normally they are £13 each so naturally I went for it and what did I love the most?

The body lotions! Shocking I know, Heather goes for the body lotions but seriously you guys these body lotions are heavenly. I opted for the Secret Charm Body Lotion and the Passion Struck Body Lotion and I also got a shower gel which will inevitably make its way on to my blog. The shipping is insane on the website so I would recommend getting down to your nearest store because the selection is incredible! I love the secret charm scent, it is honeysuckle and jasmine. This is quite a subtle scent and is very fun and flirty.

The passion struck is gorgeous but it isn't subtle at all, you can smell it a mile off. Naturally its very fruity, its key notes are fuji apple and vanilla orchid. Whilst I was shopping in Victoria's Secret the sales assistant came up to me and showed me all the different scents, while asking me what I preferred to match me to the perfect scent. Customer service goes along way and believe me it was hard to not buy the whole entire store!

Do you guys use any Victoria's Secret products?




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