My Little French Riviera Box by Sarah Lavoine

Hi guys so I received my monthly 'my little box' a little late this month as there was issues with the postage or something (they sent me a cute email apologising) so I was delighted to see it pop through my door the other morning, this months theme was 'French Riviera' and it was a collaboration with Sarah Lavoine; a French designer. As always the box was beautifully wrapped and the contents were gorgeous so lets get into it!

Poster & My Little World Magazine
Gorgeous, summer themed poster to add to my collection of posters from these boxes. I love them, they are so sweet and fits in with my room beautifully. The My Little World magazines is one of my favourite parts of the box because it adds a personal touch to it and the magazine is a such a good read in my opinion.

Sunglasses by Sarah Lavoine
In true summer theme, sunglasses made an appearance. I own 4 pairs of sunglasses which is abit too many in my opinion as I'm the only one wearing them but hey now I have 5 so there will be a certain amount of choices when it comes to summer outfits. These sunnies are by Sarah Lavoine and they are very chic, as the Parisians would say.

Des-Cache Pots
Like I may have mentioned, My Little Box comes with various gifts and doesn't just stick to beauty which is what I love about it so these little holders it came with are gorgeous. I recently re-organised my room (it was about time) so these were a great addition to my room as I'm trying to keep my room clean and tidy, I used one to put my make-up brushes in and the other one is around a vase of flowers that my mum gave me.

Kerastase Keratine Thermique
Not that first time that I have received Kerastase in one of these boxes, I love this brand and so does my hair so I was delighted to see this when I opened the box because it works to anti-frizz your hair which god knows I need and it smells lovely.

Loved by Sarah Lavoine Nail Polish
This product is from the loved by range which you can shop here. I love this shade, its absolutely gorgeous and you will see me wearing it throughout the summer. I received a loved by Lou Lesage lip balm a few months ago in a box which has been in my bag ever since so no doubt this will be any different!

My Little Beauty Gomme Marin
Another My Little Beauty product! I love this range (check out my post about them all here). This is a salt scrub which you use in the shower and its gorgeous, its a great exfoliator. I have used this a couple times and my only complaint is why isn't it bigger?!

So that wraps it up for my contents in this months my little box! What did you guys think?

love, Heather x


  1. so tempted to sign up for 'My Little Box', they always look so amazing!

    Alice l Sheer Beautiful x

    1. Go for it! Its absolutely gorgeous. :) xx


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