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Hello, hello so if you have been reading my blog these past few months you will know that I subscribe to My Little Box every month which is essentially a beauty box but it comes with lifestyle products/little treats for you (previous gifts have been phone cover, laptop case & t shirts). I prefer this over other beauty boxes because it feels very personal and it comes from Paris which I am in love with. Anyway, each month it comes with a product from the My Little Beauty range which is gorgeous brand they own and today is a collective post of all the products I own from them and my thoughts on them.

The first product I ever recieved from them was a highlighter pen that I seem to have lost so lets just skip over that. One of my favourites is the Masque Réparateur Pointes Séches which is a hair masque that benefits greatly if you have dry ends (which I do), there is not a specific scent to it but it smells quite refreshing and you get a lot in this which is good as you don't need alot anyway.

On to the make-up products! First is possibly my favourite cheek product: the Crayon Lips & Cheeks is a god sent for me because I am awful at applying blush, I tend to look like a clown (no lie) and I much prefer a crayon applicator like this and especially considering it is such a gorgeous colour. Its quite dry which is good for my skin but not for lips (you can't have everything, right?). I only recently got the Crayon Epatant which is stunning metallic brown eye shadow pencil, this is a must have colour for your eyes, I love it. I use it quite often to be honest and pencil eye shadows are much much easier to apply (seriously, guys).

Face products! As you know I could talk about face cream, face wash and foundations all day so I'm going to keep this short. The Brume énergisante Visage et Corps is a face mist which instantly refreshes you, technically speaking this is a face and body product but I keep it to my face. I got this a few months back and I was thinking it would be perfect for summer and it seriously is perfect for summer. Face mists have always been a favourite of mine anyway and this has a lovely zesty smell. Lastly is the Embellisseur Teint de Pêche which is a BB cream/CC cream. It hides all your imperfections and also moisturises and energises your skin which is obviously amazing but it doesn't have great coverage which was the downfall for me because I need to cover them red parts of my face and annoying little spots. Never the less if you are not leaving the house or just going the shops this is the perfect product as it makes you look like you actually had 10 hours sleep!

That is all for the products I own but you can browse the range here. At the moment they don't ship to the UK but the monthly box does so you can get some of these if you subscribe to the box and if you live in France then you can order what you want from the website and my Google analytics tell me I have a few Parisians reading (bonjour).

Are you going to be trying this range?


Heather xx

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