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Long time, no haul here on Magazines and Dreams, don't know why because I certainly haven't stopped shopping! I have been loving Bourjois lately, its always been one of my favourite make-up brands but for the past few months its all I've been using so what have I bought?

The foundations! These are honestly the best foundations I own and have ever owned. I started off by getting the Healthy Mix Foundation a few months ago and fell in love so naturally I wanted to repurchase it. When I went to buy it, Boots were offering 2 for £14 on Bourjois products which is an absolute bargain considering these are £10 each so I decided to repurchase the healthy mix and try out the 123 Perfect Foundation. Both of them make me look 10x better but my favourite has to be the 123 perfect one because it covers up redness/blemishes better.

So I admit once again I was sucked in by an offer. I was online shopping the other day and I saw Boots had 3 for 2 on Bourjois products so I may have accidently bought a few more items. The first thing I got, which I was actually looking for was the 1 Seconde Mascara because I've lost my roller lash mascara (don't ask me how I'm devastated) and I'd heard good things about this mascara. I am planning on doing a full post on it but long story short, this mascara is wonderful and the packaging is cute.

Naturally I couldn't say no to a 3 for 2 offer on one of my favourite brands so I got the Healthy Mix Concealer and the Shine Edition Lipstick in shade 'Rouge'. I've only used the colour boost lip pencil from Bourjois when it comes to lip products but I do love this lipstick, its not matte so my lips can cope with it and it gives a lovely shine. The concealer is good, I hate putting concealer on my face to be honest because I get paranoid I am blocking my pores but I do wear it when necessary and last week I accidently burnt my chin on my curling iron (I'm a dumb blonde at heart) so this concealer has been there to cover it for me!

These are all my recent purchases from Bourjois and as I typed this post I realised that Boots are offering a free gift when you spend over £15 on Bourjois products so I may buy a few more products, someone hide my bank card...

What are your favourite products from Bourjois?


Heather  xx

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