ASOS Wishlist: Fashion & Accesories

Hi loves, I haven't shared a wishlist in so long on Magazines and Dreams so today I am here with my ASOS wishlist! I love ASOS, its my go to website for anything and everything, enjoy reading through my wishes.

Whats on your current wishlist? Leave comments below! Love, Heather x

Kourtney Kardashian: Visiting Dash LA

Hi dolls, I saw some pictures floating around the twitterverse of Kourtney Kardashian visiting Dash and she looked amazing *insert fire emojis here*. She was wearing a Nasty Gal Cutout Jumpsuit, Stella McCartney Elyse lace-up platform shoes and a Givenchy Bambi Clutch. She also sported some Mirrored Sunglasses (can't find exact ones). This look was so chic and she looked absolutely stunning considering she has had 3 children! The whole look was very 'Kardashian' anyway and I love the Bambi clutch its been on my wishlist forever but I sadly cannot afford it.

I loved all the pieces of this outfit. What do you think of this look?


Heather x

OOTD: Is the sun here to stay?

Jacket - Forever 21 / Top - Matalan / Trousers - Next / Sunnies - Tatler / Shoes - New Look / Bag - Star by Julien Macdonald

Hi! Happy to be posting an OOTD today, I have had a lovely week. For a brief few days England actually got some sunshine so I thought it would be an opportune time to get an OOTD post up on Magazines & Dreams. I could not think of a great place for a background so I simply went on a walk and found some nice locations to show you all a casual outfit for summer.


Heather x

Spotlight on: My Little Beauty

Hello, hello so if you have been reading my blog these past few months you will know that I subscribe to My Little Box every month which is essentially a beauty box but it comes with lifestyle products/little treats for you (previous gifts have been phone cover, laptop case & t shirts). I prefer this over other beauty boxes because it feels very personal and it comes from Paris which I am in love with. Anyway, each month it comes with a product from the My Little Beauty range which is gorgeous brand they own and today is a collective post of all the products I own from them and my thoughts on them.

The first product I ever recieved from them was a highlighter pen that I seem to have lost so lets just skip over that. One of my favourites is the Masque Réparateur Pointes Séches which is a hair masque that benefits greatly if you have dry ends (which I do), there is not a specific scent to it but it smells quite refreshing and you get a lot in this which is good as you don't need alot anyway.

On to the make-up products! First is possibly my favourite cheek product: the Crayon Lips & Cheeks is a god sent for me because I am awful at applying blush, I tend to look like a clown (no lie) and I much prefer a crayon applicator like this and especially considering it is such a gorgeous colour. Its quite dry which is good for my skin but not for lips (you can't have everything, right?). I only recently got the Crayon Epatant which is stunning metallic brown eye shadow pencil, this is a must have colour for your eyes, I love it. I use it quite often to be honest and pencil eye shadows are much much easier to apply (seriously, guys).

Face products! As you know I could talk about face cream, face wash and foundations all day so I'm going to keep this short. The Brume énergisante Visage et Corps is a face mist which instantly refreshes you, technically speaking this is a face and body product but I keep it to my face. I got this a few months back and I was thinking it would be perfect for summer and it seriously is perfect for summer. Face mists have always been a favourite of mine anyway and this has a lovely zesty smell. Lastly is the Embellisseur Teint de Pêche which is a BB cream/CC cream. It hides all your imperfections and also moisturises and energises your skin which is obviously amazing but it doesn't have great coverage which was the downfall for me because I need to cover them red parts of my face and annoying little spots. Never the less if you are not leaving the house or just going the shops this is the perfect product as it makes you look like you actually had 10 hours sleep!

That is all for the products I own but you can browse the range here. At the moment they don't ship to the UK but the monthly box does so you can get some of these if you subscribe to the box and if you live in France then you can order what you want from the website and my Google analytics tell me I have a few Parisians reading (bonjour).

Are you going to be trying this range?


Heather xx

Bourjois // Haul

Long time, no haul here on Magazines and Dreams, don't know why because I certainly haven't stopped shopping! I have been loving Bourjois lately, its always been one of my favourite make-up brands but for the past few months its all I've been using so what have I bought?

The foundations! These are honestly the best foundations I own and have ever owned. I started off by getting the Healthy Mix Foundation a few months ago and fell in love so naturally I wanted to repurchase it. When I went to buy it, Boots were offering 2 for £14 on Bourjois products which is an absolute bargain considering these are £10 each so I decided to repurchase the healthy mix and try out the 123 Perfect Foundation. Both of them make me look 10x better but my favourite has to be the 123 perfect one because it covers up redness/blemishes better.

So I admit once again I was sucked in by an offer. I was online shopping the other day and I saw Boots had 3 for 2 on Bourjois products so I may have accidently bought a few more items. The first thing I got, which I was actually looking for was the 1 Seconde Mascara because I've lost my roller lash mascara (don't ask me how I'm devastated) and I'd heard good things about this mascara. I am planning on doing a full post on it but long story short, this mascara is wonderful and the packaging is cute.

Naturally I couldn't say no to a 3 for 2 offer on one of my favourite brands so I got the Healthy Mix Concealer and the Shine Edition Lipstick in shade 'Rouge'. I've only used the colour boost lip pencil from Bourjois when it comes to lip products but I do love this lipstick, its not matte so my lips can cope with it and it gives a lovely shine. The concealer is good, I hate putting concealer on my face to be honest because I get paranoid I am blocking my pores but I do wear it when necessary and last week I accidently burnt my chin on my curling iron (I'm a dumb blonde at heart) so this concealer has been there to cover it for me!

These are all my recent purchases from Bourjois and as I typed this post I realised that Boots are offering a free gift when you spend over £15 on Bourjois products so I may buy a few more products, someone hide my bank card...

What are your favourite products from Bourjois?


Heather  xx

The Body Shop // Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

Time to get back to skincare here on Magazines & Dreams. I am obsessed with skincare as I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember so I became obsessed with different products. I always rave about The Body Shop but my skincare routine right now is all body shop products! My skin just benefits from them so much, what can I say? This new moisturiser I have been using is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser which is amazing.

I bought it when The Body Shop had 30% off at the beginning of May (side note: they also had 30% off last week where I re-purchased this) and it was an impulse buy, I got a letter from The Body Shop advertising the new vitamin C range and I briefly read it, I saw it and figured while it was 30% off why not? I love vitamin C products and my skin needs the glow! Surprise surprise I loved it, my skin has benefited so much from this moisturiser.

The consistency is almost gel like, its quite thick but not too thick and it smells fresh. I use it morning and night, I don't think its necessary to use it twice a day but I personally like to stick to one moisturiser in my skincare routine. It makes your skin feel very refreshed but if you put too much on then your skin can get quite sticky so remember a little goes a long way...

Overall, this moisturiser is one of the best I have used, I haven't used any other moisturisers from The Body Shop but this one is gorgeous. What do you guys think of the vitamin C range from The Body Shop?


Heather xx  

Monthly Favourites // May

So its June?! How did this happen? This year has completely flown by but so far this year has been amazing! I have been putting blogging on the back burner these past few months but I do want to take blogging to the next step, so to speak. I bought myself a domain and got myself a new snazzy blog theme which I adore so you will be hearing a lot from me in June, hopefully a few more OOTD posts, if summer would actually reach England. Anyway, heres what I have been loving in May.

I've really been experimenting with eye make-up this month and for Christmas I received a Bare Minerals eyeshadow in 'Glimpse' which I have been using like crazy, it gives a great base for other colours or you can just wear it by itself to add something a little extra to your look. I also got the Real Techniques Starter set which has helped me along the way.

Okay this is an old favourite for me but I thought I had lost this so naturally since I've found it I haven't let it go out of my sight. This Nivea Lip Butter in 'Raspberry Rose' is perfect, the whole range of Nivea lip butter's is to be honest but this is my personal favourite because of the smell, taste and the pretty packaging.

Currently writing a full post for this product but The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser is the only moisturiser I have used for the past 2 weeks, I got it on a whim because as always The Body Shop had an amazing deal on so I treated myself and let me tell you my skin has really benefited from this.

Not the first time this Kardashian Beauty Honey Stick has had a mention on my blog but this month I have been using it like crazy, I am a huge fan of Kardashian Beauty which is only natural from my love for the family and this lip gloss is gorgeous.

A new favourite for me, I discovered Broad City this month and I fell in love. The show is brilliant, its so funny and unapologetic, I binged watched it in about 2 days and the only complaint I have about this show is why aren't there more episodes?! Give it a watch, I feel it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I urge you all to give it a go!

That wraps my favourites for this month! I look forward to the next half of 2015.


Heather x
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