Weight Loss Motivation + Haul

I have always been quite happy with the way I look, believe it or not but over the past year I have gone up 2 dress sizes which just isn't acceptable and I am slowly starting to hate my body which is really unhealthy for me. I decided to put a positive spin on the matter and incorporate exercise into my life and eat healthy, claiming to people it was a 'lifestyle change' but really I'm just another teenage girl on a diet.

My main reason for losing weight is fashion. I can't stay like this, I'm sick of walking through shops and seeing gorgeous tops but not buying them because they are too tight and will show off my fat. I want to buy anything I want while feeling confident so thats why I'm doing it. Granted some people may see that as shallow and say that 'curvy girls are beautiful' and yes curvy girls very much are beautiful (Kim Kardashian being an example) but I don't have a curvy frame at all so I just look fat. I think people who are happy with their bodies are the most beautiful, happy people but I am not happy with my body which leads me to feel ugly and if people compliment me I don't believe them. 

Enough with the negativity! I am happy to change my lifestyle and gain all my confidence back. I happen to work in a sports shop so it is pretty much the perfect job to have when buying new sports gear. I went shopping to get a bunch of sports gear with my staff discount so what did I buy? 

I started off with the sports tops, I prefer working out with a sport tank top as opposed to t-shirts so I bought a gorgeous Nike top which I love, it has a sports bra within it for support and I love the shade of pink. I also picked up a Puma one aswell which was half the price but doesn't have a built in bra. However I did pick up a gorgeous white puma sports bra to go with it which is really comfortable.

To be honest, I already own enough Lycra pants for the gym but I did buy 2 more pairs as they were 2 for £25. They are USA Pro which I have used a lot in the past especially when I used to go the gym alot because its affordable and comfy. I got 2 pairs of gym knickers not too sure if they make a massive difference but I'm willing to give it a go. Finally, I got a new pair of trainers. I got some Karrimor running ones, I did head out with the intention of getting some Nike ones but I already own some Karrimor's so I knew they were comfy and I thought why not just get another pair? I love the colour of these, the Nike collection was quite limited colour-wise and I didn't want to stick with black and pink.

That concludes my haul! Do you guys have any tips for losing weight?


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