My Little Provence Box

Hi my loves. This month has been so busy and hectic I literally haven't been on my computer for a week (that is long for me ok) so I haven't sat down and edited blog photos for a while now. I just shot a load of pictures and edited them so all I need to do now is write them! Starting with today's post which is this months my little box which is all L'Occitane products which I am over the moon with as I adore L'Occitane products so lets get into all the bits of the box..

My Little World Magazine & Poster
As always we start with a magazine and a poster. I personally love the element of adding these in each month because the magazine always has great interviews, style tips and photos while the poster always has a great quote on it to add to my wall. This month the quote was 'In Provence, the sun rises twice a day - once in the morning and once after nap time.' I love this quote, what I wouldn't give to be a Parisian.

Magnets | £6
Always a random little gift just to add to the amazing collection of products each month and this month, magnets! I love magnets, I have loads on my whiteboard next to my desk so this just adds to my collection. Its a great idea because you can dress the woman (magnet) in clothes (magnets) which I had far too much fun with.

D.I.Y Sunny Cuff | £15
A do it yourself kit to create your very own cuff bracelet, this comes with two threads to thread through your cuff bracelet because you don't want your accessories to look the same as everyone else, right?

My Little Beauty Eyeshadow Crayon | £9
Can I just take a minute to show my appreciation for eyeshadow crayons? I adore them. I am the worst at eye make-up as it goes so these babies are a blessing for me, I am a fan of the colour but I do wish it was a more neutral colour because I am not brave enough the sport this colour everyday, I might save this for more formal events.

Mer & Mistral Shower Gel by L'Occitane | £12 for 175ml
I am no stranger to L'Occitane shower gels but I have not come across this one yet so thank you! This has a gorgeous scent to it which screams L'Occitane, I do prefer the signiture L'occitane shower gel though but never the less this is heavenly.

Verbena Body Lotion | £20 for 250ml
This is one of my all time favourite body lotion's and scents going, it is so moisturising and the scent lasts ages, I do need to stock up on a larger one because lets be honest a small one isn't going to last me too long.

Roses Et Reines Hand & Nail Cream | £14 for 75ml
I've never been a massive fan of L'Occitane hand creams to be honest because I find they are overpriced for what the do and cheaper ones do a much better job but this hand cream does smell amazing so I will be keeping hold of it for them winter months.

Verbana Leaf Soap | 75g for £4.50
Forgive me if I'm wrong but this looks like a bar of soap? For your hands? Apparently this IS a bar of soap but it can be used on your face? I'm not a fan of that type of application to my face but if anyone has used this on their face please let me know what its like!

That is the end of this month's my little box, I can't wait until next months! What products were your favourite?


Spread the Love: Blogs Worth the Read

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt
Hello, hello so I have been meaning to do a post like this for a while because being a blogger naturally I read other blogs and have favourites. I thought I would make a post on my favourite go-to blogs and spread the blogger love around the web.

Couture Girl - One of the first blogs I ever became obsessed with and honestly the blog that inspired me to start blogging. Kayleigh has the most beautiful blog and Instagram going posting everything from fashion to healthy food tips and the occasional giveaway, go check her out!

A Yellow Brick Blog - Another favourite blog of mine, Kirstie posts alot which I tried for a while and it got stressful for me so hats off to you girl! I love A Yellow Brick Blog, the name is amazing (wish I'd thought of it first), a lot of product reviews, giveaways, OOTD's and occasional youtuber who I am subscribed to.

thelovecatsinc - My absolute favourite blog for fashion! Helen's OOTD posts are what I live for, they are the epitome of chic with a mix of high end clothing to high street clothing making her look fabulous. She also does amazing blog sales which I have bought a few products from.

inthefrow - Of course I had to feature Victoria on this post because she is one of my biggest blogging inspirations as far as they go. Her blog is gorgeous! She has beautiful hair and a PHD (goals). She is so friendly to all her followers and she is also on my list of favourite youtubers, check out her channel here.

cocochicblog - I did feature Stephanie in my April Favourites but she is one of my favourite blogs that everybody should know about! What I love most about her blogs is all her blog tips, I think they have helped me a lot and she also has amazing style which is to die for.

milkbubbletea - Becky has the most beautiful blog design on the web, her photos are gorgeous aswell. I discovered her blog when I first started mine and I was really inspired by how aesthetically pleasing everything about her blog was, naturally she has amazing content to go with this stunning blog design.

So these are a few of my favourite bloggers! Hope you all enjoyed, comment below who your favourite bloggers are.


Exciting things are happening!

Hello, hello. Sorry for not posting in a while, I feel like every couple of months I make a post about apologising for lack of posting but I do need to get on top of my posts. Anyway, I thought I would do a quick post about what's going on in my life right now, partly because I just want to write it for myself as I am happy and excited and partly because I want to share my life with you guys!

As you may (or may not) know I do study photography in college at the moment but I really am not enjoying it because I don't have the passion for photography that I did this time last year when I chose to do it so I have been looking for other options and I did a hell of a lot of research on jobs and what to study etc. I was scared of doing something again and changing my mind AGAIN but I decided I would really like to be a fashion buyer and work in the retail side of fashion.

After looking into a lot of options I decided to go for an apprenticeship. I'm not to sure if this is a global thing that people have the option to do but here in the UK an apprenticeship is a career path you can take after year 11 (aged 16) to go straight into a job of your choice while studying on the side which is funded by the government. It is a fantastic programme that they offer and I'm sure many people are grateful for it, I looked around and got rejected by a few but then I got an interview for Next!

I had my interview on Monday and I got it!!! So long story short, I will be starting a full time job in 2 weeks in the sector I want while working towards my goal of a fashion buyer. Some people look down on apprenticeships because its an option a lot of people take when they fail all of their GCSE's but I passed all of my 10 GCSE's so its not always true. I will be getting paid more than I do now, working more which means saving more money, buying more things which will lead to me travelling and shopping (my two favourite hobbies).

On another note, I am really happy I posted my first OOTD and I know I don't post a great deal of photos of myself here on Magazines and Dreams so this may not make a massive difference but I actually dyed my hair brown over the weekend which was a big deal for me because I've always been a blondie so I wasn't sure how I would look or if I would like it but I am in love with it so I will be posting some more OOTD posts and maybe some FOTD posts if I have the confidence for that.

That is the end of my little life update! Congrats on making it to the end and I look forward to sharing the rest of my journeys with you guys. x


Weight Loss Motivation + Haul

I have always been quite happy with the way I look, believe it or not but over the past year I have gone up 2 dress sizes which just isn't acceptable and I am slowly starting to hate my body which is really unhealthy for me. I decided to put a positive spin on the matter and incorporate exercise into my life and eat healthy, claiming to people it was a 'lifestyle change' but really I'm just another teenage girl on a diet.

My main reason for losing weight is fashion. I can't stay like this, I'm sick of walking through shops and seeing gorgeous tops but not buying them because they are too tight and will show off my fat. I want to buy anything I want while feeling confident so thats why I'm doing it. Granted some people may see that as shallow and say that 'curvy girls are beautiful' and yes curvy girls very much are beautiful (Kim Kardashian being an example) but I don't have a curvy frame at all so I just look fat. I think people who are happy with their bodies are the most beautiful, happy people but I am not happy with my body which leads me to feel ugly and if people compliment me I don't believe them. 

Enough with the negativity! I am happy to change my lifestyle and gain all my confidence back. I happen to work in a sports shop so it is pretty much the perfect job to have when buying new sports gear. I went shopping to get a bunch of sports gear with my staff discount so what did I buy? 

I started off with the sports tops, I prefer working out with a sport tank top as opposed to t-shirts so I bought a gorgeous Nike top which I love, it has a sports bra within it for support and I love the shade of pink. I also picked up a Puma one aswell which was half the price but doesn't have a built in bra. However I did pick up a gorgeous white puma sports bra to go with it which is really comfortable.

To be honest, I already own enough Lycra pants for the gym but I did buy 2 more pairs as they were 2 for £25. They are USA Pro which I have used a lot in the past especially when I used to go the gym alot because its affordable and comfy. I got 2 pairs of gym knickers not too sure if they make a massive difference but I'm willing to give it a go. Finally, I got a new pair of trainers. I got some Karrimor running ones, I did head out with the intention of getting some Nike ones but I already own some Karrimor's so I knew they were comfy and I thought why not just get another pair? I love the colour of these, the Nike collection was quite limited colour-wise and I didn't want to stick with black and pink.

That concludes my haul! Do you guys have any tips for losing weight?


Monthly Favourites // April

So April wasn't exactly the best month for me blogging-wise but I had an amazing month. It was quite hectic but I enjoyed it! I have my April favourites for you all today and I will post alot more in May as I don't have much planned for the month right now. Enjoy my loves.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 'Light Beige' / LINK
This is pretty much the only foundation I have worn for the whole month of April and the majority of March. I had heard great things about this foundation so I bought it in March and my skin loves it. This shade fits my skin perfectly, it hasn't caused me to breakout or made my skin dry or oily. I do think this foundation is worth the hype it has. 

Sabe Masson Solid Perfume in 'Copacabana' / LINK
I only got this a few weeks ago but I honestly haven't put it down, its been great on the go because it doesn't fill the air with odours and it is good on the skin. This also smells heavenly and it gives a very subtle fragrance which I love.

My Little Beauty Lips & Cheeks / LINK
This is another gem I received in one of My Little Boxes. This is a cheek and lip stain, it is the same applicator as a chubby stick which I am obsessed with. It doesn't have a shade name but as you can see from above, it is quite a corally pink. It can be quite drying on the lips but if you have some lip balm underneath it looks gorgeous.

Seventeen Gel Colour in 'Mocha-tini' / LINK
This nail polish is gorgeous. I think I may have mentioned it in my favourite before? I'm not too sure but I love the whole gel colour range from Seventeen because they are really affordable and look gorgeous. I love nude nails anyway but this is my favourite brand for them so I urge you to check them out!

Book: How to be Parisian wherever you are / LINK
I have been lusting after this book for a while and I finally bought it. It is an amazing book, it is humorous, insightful and clever. I pretty much read most of it in 3 days because I just couldn't but it down, it is perfect if you love the Parisian look and lifestyle.

Blogger: cocochicblog / LINK
During April I discovered a ton of new bloggers so I spent a hell of a lot of time reading blogs and I feel in love with cocochicblog. It is a wonderful fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog with blog tips, workout tips and personal posts. Go hive her a follow here.

That is the end of my April favourites! Hope you all have a great May, what were you April favourites?


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