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Hi dolls so The Body Shop is basically my skincare saviour, it always has been ever since I got my first spot on my face I have been using their facemasks, face washes and moisturisers. I popped in last month to just have a look around and came out with about 7 items because they have such good offers I always have to buy something! I picked up the Camomile Cleansing Butter and the Camomile Gentle Eye Remover. I had heard great things about this range from bloggers and youtubers so I had to try them and my skin loves them.

The cleansing butter is probably one of my top skincare items now as this is the third time I have purchased it now, as I bought 2 last week. I love it, it cleanses your skin while removing every scrap of make-up and it works amazingly on sensitive skin (like mine). I use this morning and night because it makes my skin really soft with a healthy glow, I just couldn't go back to a gel face wash now. It is £12 which at first I thought was a lot for a cleanser as I tend to pay under £10 for mine but this is worth the money, it lasts for ages aswell. When I first got it I was using loads but its really not necessary as I think I was over cleansing my face. The down side to this is that it doesn't remove eye make-up very well, I used to look abit like a panda when I had finished with this so that is why I picked up the eye make-up remover.

With the camomile being so good to my skin, I thought I would pick up the camomile eye make-up remover as well because in the past I have had eye make-up removers that have been too oily or too harsh on my skin as I am quite sensitive around the eye area. This is very gentle on my eye area and does the job so I have no complaints about it, it is £8 which isn't alot as this will last for ages. You can't see into the bottle so I'm judging by the weight how much I have left which is a lot!

I have loved these camomile products on my skin and there is a few more products in the camomile range which I want to check out (here). What do you guys think of the camomile range from The Body Shop?


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