OOTD: Basics & Messy Hair

Hello loves, I am actually posting an OOTD post and I am really happy I got round to doing it. I actually didn't plan this I was sitting in my room and I thought why not shot my OOTD post right now? So here it is. The outfit consists on my 'basics' just a t-shirt, jeans, a light jacket, handbag and slip on shoes. I have worn this outfit a lot recently for college as its really comfy and simple.

I have spent most of my day taking pictures on my Minolta 35mm film camera for an upcoming project which has been really fun. I think vintage cameras are definitely part of the blogger style people go for and I love that but this is genuinely what I look like walking around town taking pictures of trees and the shadows they create.

Sunglasses - Forever 21
Top - Matalan
Jacket - Forever 21
Jeans - New Look
Bag - Fiorelli (Debenhams)
Shoes - New Look
Camera - eBay


The Body Shop // Camomile

Hi dolls so The Body Shop is basically my skincare saviour, it always has been ever since I got my first spot on my face I have been using their facemasks, face washes and moisturisers. I popped in last month to just have a look around and came out with about 7 items because they have such good offers I always have to buy something! I picked up the Camomile Cleansing Butter and the Camomile Gentle Eye Remover. I had heard great things about this range from bloggers and youtubers so I had to try them and my skin loves them.

The cleansing butter is probably one of my top skincare items now as this is the third time I have purchased it now, as I bought 2 last week. I love it, it cleanses your skin while removing every scrap of make-up and it works amazingly on sensitive skin (like mine). I use this morning and night because it makes my skin really soft with a healthy glow, I just couldn't go back to a gel face wash now. It is £12 which at first I thought was a lot for a cleanser as I tend to pay under £10 for mine but this is worth the money, it lasts for ages aswell. When I first got it I was using loads but its really not necessary as I think I was over cleansing my face. The down side to this is that it doesn't remove eye make-up very well, I used to look abit like a panda when I had finished with this so that is why I picked up the eye make-up remover.

With the camomile being so good to my skin, I thought I would pick up the camomile eye make-up remover as well because in the past I have had eye make-up removers that have been too oily or too harsh on my skin as I am quite sensitive around the eye area. This is very gentle on my eye area and does the job so I have no complaints about it, it is £8 which isn't alot as this will last for ages. You can't see into the bottle so I'm judging by the weight how much I have left which is a lot!

I have loved these camomile products on my skin and there is a few more products in the camomile range which I want to check out (here). What do you guys think of the camomile range from The Body Shop?


My Little Dream Box

Hi dolls so this month I received a My Little Box and just like every month it was absolutely gorgeous, although I do have to say that this months box has probably been my favourite so far. The theme was 'dreams' which made the box cloud themed with wishful thinking thrown all over it and I loved it. This month there was a piece of jewellery, a stamp that had 12 different designs on it, a magazine, a poster and 3 wonderful beauty products so lets get into it!

My Little World Magazine & Motivation Poster
As always I received an issue of 'My Little World' which is such a good magazine because it relates to the products you got, tells you how to use them and always has an interview with a stylish woman from France which my Parisian side loves. You always get a motivational poster which I always put on my wall, this month it was a quote by Walt Disney that says 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' On the back it has a link where you can send yourself an email that you will receive in a year which I think is a brilliant idea.

Rotating Stamp | £8
I was made up when I saw this in my box because I am a lover of stamps, I was genuinely obsessed with them in primary school and now my obsession is back (thank you for that). I was having so much fun playing with them and I tried to make a nice collage of them all on my notebook, it doesn't look as good as I wanted it to but you pretty much get the gist of all 12 (!!!) stamps on it.

My Little Beauty's Repairing Mask for Dry Ends | £7 for 100ml
I adore My Little Beauty, every product from them is gorgeous and fits in with me so well. I am excited to use this mask because I am a big believer in hair masks as it is so the more the merrier and I can suffer from dry ends so I am happy to have this little angel when I need it to save me. I was thinking of doing a post about 'My Little Beauty' and all the products I have form them, would anyone like to read that? Comment below!

Soft Perfumes by Sabe Masson in 'Copacabana' | £15
This is a solid perfume stick from a French designer called 'Sabe Masson' and I have never really used solid perfumes because I feel like they won't last as long as sprays, but thats just how my brain works. I think this smells divine and I will be using it because I love the idea of it not harming your skin because mine can get quite sensitive. I will be exploring this French brand more because the packaging is gorgeous.

Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage | £8
This lip balm is a lovely shade of red and loved by French actress Lou Lesage who I honestly have never heard of but judging by Google she is gorgeous so I'm sure this lip balm is a winner. I also have way too many lip balms as it is but this one fits in nicely with my forever growing collection.

I also received a locket by Delphine Pariente which costs £20 alone and it is gorgeous. The pictures I took really didn't do it justice and I was having world war 3 trying to edit it so I gave up. You can see all of her jewellery here and they also gave everyone 20% all her jewellery so I will be taking that offer up, if they ship to the UK that is.

That is it for this month's My Little Box! I absolutely loved this month's box, it was my favourite so far. What did you guys think?


Favourite Coachella Looks

Hello, hello. I'm really sorry about going 2 whole weeks without a single post but I have been so busy with work but I have a few posts lined up for the next few weeks so I won't be taking a break for that long again. Thank you all for still viewing my blog and not unfollowing me! As you probably know Coachella took place over the past few days and it was amazing (from what I saw on the Snapcaht stories) so naturally I had to dedicate a post to it here on Magazines and Dreams. I need to attend Coachella before I die, straight on my bucket list. The fashion is always amazing at Coachella, I remember seeing it everywhere on Tumblr last year and this year was no different so enjoy my picks from the stylish festival!

What were your favourite looks from Coachella?


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