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I haven't done a street style post in a while but I have certainly not stopped looking at celebrity street style looks, and I noticed Gigi Hadid is becoming the queen of street style. Her looks at NYFW were flawless and she is definitely maintaining her style. As some of my most popular posts are all about street style, I hope you all enjoy another street style post here on Magazines and Dreams!

First up is this neutral but gorgeous look from Gigi. I love that when you see celebrity street style from LA they always have sunglasses on and a winter scarf, just me? Okay. Anyway, I love this look because its alot how I dress except she looks tons better and that probably costs way more than my clothes. I love how its just block colours and them shades are to die for, I am really loving the mirrored shades right now, can the sun come and join us here in England?

Next is a very recent look that Gigi wore to a show in NYFW. I am a massive fan of this whole look, it is super cute and fits together perfectly. My favourite element of this is the red, the Desigual bag with the red sleeves on the jacket is fabulous, its not too over powering yet it still pops out. The hair and the make-up are gorgeous, I'm not too sure if she was heading to or from a fashion show but that beauty would kill on the runway.

This look is very casual and thats what I love most about it because its not too dressy, the combinations are very flattering. I love the blouse, I really need a blouse like this in my life to style like this. The cardigan is also a personal favourite because its neutral and blends with the outfit, with the addition of the trainers I kind of love it because it keeps with the casual vibe whereas heeled boots would dress this up a little.

I love this coat! It looks so warm, I feel like this is the coat equivalent to them little white fluffy dogs that you just want to cuddle all day! This outfit is gorgeous as well, I find that it is rare we see pictures of models without sunglasses on so hats off to Gigi for not over-wearing them. I love the boots, they are absolutely heavenly, if anyone knows where I can find a similar let me know in the comments!

Lastly, is this incredibly elegant outfit. Is it snowing? And she's in heels? You go girl! This outfit is so elegant and she looks like an angel. I love the jacket along with such a clean and minimalist look. I don't know how she isn't freezing to death but never the less, she looks gorgeous and them heels are heart eyes emoji (I apologise for saying that but I think that fits what I'm trying to say nicely).

What do you think of Gigi's style?


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