My weekend with a make-up artist + bloggers block

Hello, hello. Its been a while and I would like to apologise for that, I'm annoyed at myself for not getting round to posting but I have had serious bloggers block. I have been quite busy, well busier than normal so when I had time to blog my mind has just been blank which is really frustrating. My camera is also playing up really bad right now which is the worst thing that could happen to me but never the less I am really happy with life right now.

So where have I been? (I realise nobody asked, sorry). I had an amazing weekend with London Make-up Studio! I was a studio assistant for them which pretty much involved getting coffees, tidying up and helping when an extra hand was needed. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I must say. What basically happened over the course of the weekend was the company (LMS) run make-up training classes for those training to be a make-up artist or people who simply need help with make-up and it's a 3 hour class which they run 3 times a day so its a very long day! They do weekends here where I live in Liverpool and they do more in London and Manchester so if you are anywhere near them I suggest you check them out.

I assisted on Saturday & Sunday which was my first time doing any job related to make-up/assisting. On Saturday we had a make-up artist come in and two assistants (me being one of them) and it all went really well. I arrived at 8am and I was the first one there, we left around 7:30pm but it went quite fast. In each class, the make-up artist did a daytime look, an evening look and a false lash demonstration. I spent my time taking pictures of people make-up and cleaning the brushes which got tiring, believe me there was a hell of alot of brushes there. The company strictly used MAC products which was amazing because I'm not really a MAC girl when it comes to make-up so I was having fun playing with all the products and I serious need to go to MAC and buy everything now.

On the Sunday we had a different make-up artist so it was nice to see the difference in their teaching and get more make-up tips. I had such a fun time and hopefully I am assisting next month when they come back to Liverpool and I may travel to Manchester for a weekend in May. I am blogging about this because I wanted to fill you guys in and given the subject of my blog I figured you would all be interested in hearing about make-up! The day time looks they did were gorgeous, I actually don't have any images of the looks because I took them on the companies camera but you can see some on the Facebook page (here) from previous events. I am really inspired to go and up my game when it comes to day make-up because I seriously don't make the effort and some of the girls looked gorgeous after so it goes to show how good you can look when you're not rushing.

So that is where I have been! Sorry for this extremely lengthy post and congrats if you made it to the end. I am currently online shopping for more make-up products and tools because I don't have enough already. Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave some comments on what brushes you guys would recommend because I am in search of a really good brush set. I've left some pictures of some gorgeous make-up looks from the runway below for some inspiration. Bye. xx

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