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I swear the majority of my posts are now becoming about lip products but theres so many types lip butters, lip crayons, lip gloss', lipsticks...I could go on. Anyway, today's post is about The Body Shop lip butters which have been around for a while but something that I love. I have done a post on lip butters in the past, specifically Nivea Lip Butters (here).

As I have mentioned in the past I have pretty much owned everything from The Body Shop as I was quite addicted to it but these lip butters are a clear favourite for the lip products by The Body Shop. They are affordable, I think they are only £3 or something, super hydrating as they are a butter also they come in so many different flavours. I originally got the mango one in a gift set last Christmas I think in the sales along with a body butter and it was such a good buy. I picked The Body Shop foundation one up just in August because I needed to make my price up to £25 so I would get £10 off and I love it!

What I love about the lip butters is how thick they are and amazingly good moisturizers with them having a thick consistency. I have used the mango one to death because I used to use it everyday after a lip scrub so its started to taste abit like bubblegum because of the constant use after the LUSH bubble gum lip scrub but the foundation one is still pretty new and the scent is still in tact, its a gorgeous scent. I love the foundation one because its not fruity like most things in The Body Shop so its refreshing to see. Do you guys like the lip butters by The Body Shop or anyone else?

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