My Little Frenchie Box

My Little Box is my favourite beauty box out there at the minute because the things you get are so thoughtful, cute and meaningful, not to mention it comes from Paris so everything is Parisian and amazing products from French brands. So, what was in this months box?

Pot Of Messages | £6.50
This is a pot full of messages that will inspire and motivate you throughout your day. I have heard of people making things like this themselves but honestly when it comes to D.I.Y I am useless and this is the cutest jar ever, once all the messages are gone I might fill it with little things that make me happy so I have something to cheer me up on bad days, so cute.

Smartphone Case | £16
I have owned my fair share of phone cases and this is by far the fanciest one I own, it is beautifully made and very parisian. I will definitely be sporting this along side all my summer clothes, I think this is aimed at iPhones which is annoying because I have a Samsung but never the less my phone fits nicely.

Complexion Enhancer -Glowing Skin | £9.50
As always you get a product from My Little Beauty which is a beautiful range created by the founders of My Little Box, I have always loved the products from this brand, sadly they do not ship to the UK yet so I only have the products I have recieved in these boxes. This is a complexion enhancer which does an amazing job! I doesn't give much coverage but it gives your skin an amazing glow.

Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper L'Oreal Paris | £5.99
I am beyond happy to have this product, I needed a new gel from my brows as I was coming to the end of my Brow This Way and this product is a better replacement! Its applicator is quite small but really defines the lashes and extremely easy to use. I am loving it so far, I may give it its own post on my blog later on.

Terrybly Khôl Pencil | £23
I don't own a great deal of kohl pencils (in France they say Khôl) but this is a lovely colour and it is waterproof so it will last throughout the rain. I haven't had any use out of this yet but I will be wearing this in the coming weeks because it is easy to wear casual and fancy.

DHC Blotting Paper | £4
Blotting paper is something I have been told to use alot because my skin used to be massively oily but I never took to them because I just don't like the idea of using them but they do make a massive difference to your skin if you have too much oil on your face. I will be keeping these in my bag for the summer because its always nice to have something to calm to shine on your face, right?

This months box was themed on Ines De La Fressange which made this box even more stylish and beautiful than usual and I can't wait until next month! What do you think of this months My Little Box?


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