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There is a store near where I live entirely dedicated to Kardashian Beauty which is amazing, with me being a massive Kardashian fan but I have never actually ventured there because its one of them stores where as soon as you walk in the door you are greeted and not left alone the entire time which I HATE. Anyway, it is closing down so the prices have been slashed and I went in and got a beauty box for £20 when it should've been £60+ which is a massive bargain and I have to say Kardashian Beauty is fabulous.

Eye Fidelity Waterproof Mascara / LINK
The Kardashian store was full of a hell of alot fake eyelashes but I personally hate fake eyelashes so I picked up the mascara instead and this mascara is wonderful. It is quite small which is annoying but great for travelling, it gives your lashes so much volume and its waterproof which is a massive bonus. I have been using this non-stop since I got it.

En-Joysick Lip Stick Pen / LINK
I am not a massive fan of the pen applicator on lips in general and I wouldn't have picked this up if it didn't come in the beauty box but the colour is gorgeous, it does last a long time but the colour doesn't suit really suit me which sucks.

Honey Pot Lip Conditioner / LINK
When I first heard of Kardashian Beauty this was the first product I wanted to try because I love lip balm, it is the cutest container and its called a honey pot, whats not to love? It comes in natural and rose tint, I obviously got rose tint and it gives off a very subtle shine to your lips while giving it some hydrating, Although, I do think it could be a little more hydrating but it does make your lips look amazing so I'm not complaining!

Watercolor Nail Lacquer / LINK
Of course I was over the moon when I saw it came with this nail polish, I can't help but to compare this to the Kardashian Kolor collection they have with OPI (which is flawless). I don't think this nail polish is as good but I am in love with this colour and its very long lasting.

Honey Stick Lip Gloss / LINK
This is my favourite product from Kardashian Beauty so far because the size is wonderful and the colour is subtle but very glossy so it gives you a glow. It is quite a sticky formula (hence the word 'honey') but that doesn't massively bother me and it is long lasting.

Have you guys used Kardashian Beauty?

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