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A few years ago I was obsessed with Avon products, this was back when I was first experimenting with make-up and basically had no idea what I was doing so when I really became obsessed with beauty, I moved on to high street brands and higher end brands. However, I am always going to be a fan of Avon and I ordered myself some goodies from there a few weeks ago and the products haven't changed a great deal but the range is fabulous!

I have always been obsessed with nail polish and I think at one point I pretty much owned the whole Avon nail polish collection. I got the Avon Nailwear Pro+ in 'Viva Pink' this colour is to die for and I highly recommend Avon nail polish as it is very glossy and long lasting. If you bought a lip product you got a free make-up bag, a free lip gloss and a nail polish which is how I got this nail polish but I would've bought one anyway, my love for nail polish is unnecessary.

I picked up the Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in 'Frostiest Mauve', I had never used this lipstick before so I picked it up on a whim and I am beyond happy with it. The packaging is gorgeous and the colour is beautiful, it has a nice shimmer to it as opposed to matte lipsticks which I like. I also got the Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in ' Pink Watermelon' which was also a free gift along with the nail polish and the make-up bag. I do like this lipgloss but I find it doesn't last that long and if you eat anything it pretty much disappears which is disappointing but it does look good while it lasts and the range of colours is huge.

Okay so I did get one more thing but it wasn't make-up, I got the Advance Techniques Volume Boosting Treatment as my hair lacks alot of volume. I haven't really used this yet, I did use it after I washed my hair yesterday but I haven't noticed much difference but I am going to stick with it and I think my hair will benefit from it massively!

So that concludes my little haul from Avon! What do you think of Avon products?

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