Favourite Street Style Looks // LFW

With NYFW and LFW over, MFW is beginning and the street style from LFW was amazing! I spent a good half hour looking at a bunch of looks from the week. Here are my top street style picks from LFW, enjoy!

Photos found on vogue.com and photographed by Phil Oh.

What were your favourite looks from LFW?


Oscars 2015 // My Picks

Hello, hello, hello. Awards season is still going in full swing along with Milan Fashion Week so I am a very happy girl, it truly is the best time of the year. The Oscars took place a few days ago and the fashion was glorious, I have to say it wasn't as good as previous years but never the less it was still an amazing night, so who are my top picks?

Zuhair Murad Couture
First is Chrissy Teigen who is slowly becoming one of my favourite people on the red carpet because she absolutely kills it all the time especially with that body. She is wearing Zuhair Murad Couture and sporting a dark red lip which is insanely beautiful, I also love how she is bringing us old hollywood glamour on the red carpet, definitely one of my favourite looks.

Elie Saab Haute Couture
Am I surprised Jlo is on my best dressed? Absolutely not, she is always on my best dressed. I am in love Elie Saab and every gown is to die for, with the addition of Jlo wearing it makes it incredibly beautiful. This really suits her and its not too much like Rihanna's dress at the Grammy's (sorry). I think this colour is perfect, on Fashion Police they said they shouldn't have opted for one the same colour as her skin but honestly she looks stunning.

Tom Ford
Always a pleasure to see Tom Ford being worn on the red carpet because he is one of my favourite designers out there and Reese Witherspoon looks incredible with this on. White was a popular choice at the Oscars in terms of fashion and I have the say Reese Witherspoon pulled it off the best but quick shoutout to Zendaya who looked flawless with them dreadlocks while wearing a white dress aswell.

This dress is everything to me, I fell in love as soon as I saw this on the carpet. I think this is to die for it is so gorgeous and I am happy Rosamund Pike wore it because it was such a big night for her and this Givenchy dress did her justice. It so fitting along with the hair puller back and its simple but the details on the dress make it all the better.

Atelier Versace
Lastly is Scarlett Johansson who looked gorgeous in Versace and she isn't actually wearing a necklace, it is part of the dress which is incredible. I think she deserved more praise for this outfit choice because its a divine dress and it suits her so well, I admit she does look a little bit like an alien but an insanely beautiful alien at that.

What were your top picks at the Oscars? It was such an amazing night for film and fashion as always, I could've rambled on for hours about my favourite looks but I won't bore you.


Favourite Street Style Looks // NYFW

Hello loves, NYFW is officially over and LFW is in full swing. I have to say NYFW was simply amazing (from what I saw on the internet obviously), some of my favourite looks were Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs & DVF. The street style was completely fabulous as always and I am sharing my favourite street style looks like I did for the previous NYFW (here).

I found these photos on Vogue and Elle, they are gorgeous photos so credit to whoever took them! What were your favourite looks from NYFW?


Origins // GinZing Eye Cream

As I mentioned in my Beauty Sleep post I recently picked up the Origin's GinZing Eye Cream which helps brighten and de-puff your under eyes. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes which is completely my fault because I don't sleep enough but this eye cream is definitely a saviour for this! I bought this because I read in Tanya Burr's book this was worth the money and a must if you have dark circles which is true.

I thought this would have a really zingy smell like lemon or something but its actually a very neutral smell which is a bonus. I have been using this for 2 weeks now, its not necessary at night but theres no rule against using it, and I have seen the results almost straight away. My eyes don't get massively puffy so I can't really vouch for it being good at de-puffing but for brightening it does the job.

The Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion is something I have been using for almost a year now which also goes an amazing job at brightening so these two together are the perfect match and my under eyes have never looked more alive. This eye cream is £23 which isn't that bad for an eye cream in the beauty world but I was a little on edge about spending that much on a little tub but Origins is an amazing brand and you don't need a large amount so this is going to last me a long time, I definitely don't regret buying it!

What eye creams would you recommend?


Avon Goodies

A few years ago I was obsessed with Avon products, this was back when I was first experimenting with make-up and basically had no idea what I was doing so when I really became obsessed with beauty, I moved on to high street brands and higher end brands. However, I am always going to be a fan of Avon and I ordered myself some goodies from there a few weeks ago and the products haven't changed a great deal but the range is fabulous!

I have always been obsessed with nail polish and I think at one point I pretty much owned the whole Avon nail polish collection. I got the Avon Nailwear Pro+ in 'Viva Pink' this colour is to die for and I highly recommend Avon nail polish as it is very glossy and long lasting. If you bought a lip product you got a free make-up bag, a free lip gloss and a nail polish which is how I got this nail polish but I would've bought one anyway, my love for nail polish is unnecessary.

I picked up the Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in 'Frostiest Mauve', I had never used this lipstick before so I picked it up on a whim and I am beyond happy with it. The packaging is gorgeous and the colour is beautiful, it has a nice shimmer to it as opposed to matte lipsticks which I like. I also got the Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in ' Pink Watermelon' which was also a free gift along with the nail polish and the make-up bag. I do like this lipgloss but I find it doesn't last that long and if you eat anything it pretty much disappears which is disappointing but it does look good while it lasts and the range of colours is huge.

Okay so I did get one more thing but it wasn't make-up, I got the Advance Techniques Volume Boosting Treatment as my hair lacks alot of volume. I haven't really used this yet, I did use it after I washed my hair yesterday but I haven't noticed much difference but I am going to stick with it and I think my hair will benefit from it massively!

So that concludes my little haul from Avon! What do you think of Avon products?

The Body Shop // Lip Butter

I swear the majority of my posts are now becoming about lip products but theres so many types lip butters, lip crayons, lip gloss', lipsticks...I could go on. Anyway, today's post is about The Body Shop lip butters which have been around for a while but something that I love. I have done a post on lip butters in the past, specifically Nivea Lip Butters (here).

As I have mentioned in the past I have pretty much owned everything from The Body Shop as I was quite addicted to it but these lip butters are a clear favourite for the lip products by The Body Shop. They are affordable, I think they are only £3 or something, super hydrating as they are a butter also they come in so many different flavours. I originally got the mango one in a gift set last Christmas I think in the sales along with a body butter and it was such a good buy. I picked The Body Shop foundation one up just in August because I needed to make my price up to £25 so I would get £10 off and I love it!

What I love about the lip butters is how thick they are and amazingly good moisturizers with them having a thick consistency. I have used the mango one to death because I used to use it everyday after a lip scrub so its started to taste abit like bubblegum because of the constant use after the LUSH bubble gum lip scrub but the foundation one is still pretty new and the scent is still in tact, its a gorgeous scent. I love the foundation one because its not fruity like most things in The Body Shop so its refreshing to see. Do you guys like the lip butters by The Body Shop or anyone else?

Nyx // Matte Lipstick

Another post on lipsticks, I love them what can I say? I went to Next when they had their crazy Christmas sale on and got these lipsticks from Nyx 50% off (I don't know if you have ever been to a Next sale but people literally queue outside from about 4am and the savings are insane). I never knew they even sold Nyx over here in UK, I thought it was an American thing so I was excited when I saw these in Next and 50% off!

I have no idea what the name of these are because it doesn't actually say on them which is really annoying but the full range is here. I very much stick to pink when it comes to lip products because its subtle and I find it suits me the best but I went abit deeper than usual when I got these and I absolutely love them. I find the lighter of the two is my personal favourite because I always feel awkward wearing darker shades because I don't think its really 'me' never the less I love the persona red lipstick adds to you.

These are very pigmented and long lasting which is a win-win situation and I have been wearing matte lipstick alot lately, although it is obviously very drying to your lips, I love the aesthetic of matte lips. Overall, I would say these lipsticks are worth the buy, they are only £6 aswell which is not expensive and the range is gorgeous. What do you think of these lipsticks?


My Little Frenchie Box

My Little Box is my favourite beauty box out there at the minute because the things you get are so thoughtful, cute and meaningful, not to mention it comes from Paris so everything is Parisian and amazing products from French brands. So, what was in this months box?

Pot Of Messages | £6.50
This is a pot full of messages that will inspire and motivate you throughout your day. I have heard of people making things like this themselves but honestly when it comes to D.I.Y I am useless and this is the cutest jar ever, once all the messages are gone I might fill it with little things that make me happy so I have something to cheer me up on bad days, so cute.

Smartphone Case | £16
I have owned my fair share of phone cases and this is by far the fanciest one I own, it is beautifully made and very parisian. I will definitely be sporting this along side all my summer clothes, I think this is aimed at iPhones which is annoying because I have a Samsung but never the less my phone fits nicely.

Complexion Enhancer -Glowing Skin | £9.50
As always you get a product from My Little Beauty which is a beautiful range created by the founders of My Little Box, I have always loved the products from this brand, sadly they do not ship to the UK yet so I only have the products I have recieved in these boxes. This is a complexion enhancer which does an amazing job! I doesn't give much coverage but it gives your skin an amazing glow.

Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper L'Oreal Paris | £5.99
I am beyond happy to have this product, I needed a new gel from my brows as I was coming to the end of my Brow This Way and this product is a better replacement! Its applicator is quite small but really defines the lashes and extremely easy to use. I am loving it so far, I may give it its own post on my blog later on.

Terrybly Khôl Pencil | £23
I don't own a great deal of kohl pencils (in France they say Khôl) but this is a lovely colour and it is waterproof so it will last throughout the rain. I haven't had any use out of this yet but I will be wearing this in the coming weeks because it is easy to wear casual and fancy.

DHC Blotting Paper | £4
Blotting paper is something I have been told to use alot because my skin used to be massively oily but I never took to them because I just don't like the idea of using them but they do make a massive difference to your skin if you have too much oil on your face. I will be keeping these in my bag for the summer because its always nice to have something to calm to shine on your face, right?

This months box was themed on Ines De La Fressange which made this box even more stylish and beautiful than usual and I can't wait until next month! What do you think of this months My Little Box?


Kendall Jenner // Allure Magazine March 2015

Swimsuit: Versace, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman & Bracelet: Balmain
Hello, hello! It is no secret I love Kendall Jenner (shes flawless) so I am doing another post on her never ending fashion career here on Magazines and Dreams. This shoot by Kendall is one of my favourites by her for Allure magazine. The shoot is simply stunning and fun which definitely describes her!

Swimsuit: Agent Provocateur

Swimsuit: Hermes, Bracelets: Balmain

(The actual monkey from Friends who played Marcel!)

Swimsuit: Agent Provocateur, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Swimsuit: Agent Provocateur

The Final Cover
I think this cover is beautiful as all Allure magazine covers they really focus on the beauty of the model, Kendall is wearing all Estee Lauder make-up and she has a contract with Estee Lauder (!!!). I really love Kendall as a model, I was never a massive fan of her on the Kardashians as she was quite quiet but she does have a talent for this and this cover is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what shows she walks in NYFW (she has already walked Alexander Wang and its only just begun). What do you think of this Allure cover and editorial by Kendall Jenner?


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