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Hello! So I recently purchased another My Little Box, if you don't know what one is, it is essentially a beauty box like Glossybox but its better, it includes beauty products, a useful product and a magazine each month. It is more expensive and comes from Paris which is wonderful as I am all about that Parisian lifestyle. Back in October I got my first one which was My Little Parisienne Box and it was amazing, this month was no different. So what was inside?

My Little World Magazine
This is a feature they have every month that fits the certain theme of the box as this months theme was energy, it focused on workouts and interviewed a dancer, I think this was perfect because it had alot of exercise plans in there, face mask recipes and I would buy this magazine if they sold it on newstands!

2015 Calender | £10
Last year I had 4 calenders and they all had their place in my room but this year I had 3 so this calender filled the space from where my fourth calender was and its such a cute calender. Its quite small but each month has nice illustrations and puzzles throughout like Sudoku.

My Little Sports Bag | £20
As one of my new years resolutions was to get fit, I was beyond happy when I opened this. I do already have a gym bag but this one is amazing. I was struggling to get a nice picture of it but on lebeautygirl 's blog she did a post about this exact box and you can see the bag in a good light.

Nails Inc in 'Tate' | £11
Nails Inc is such an amazing brand and this colour is to die for. I love the application on Nails Inc and I don't own a shade of red like this so it is something new for my nail polish collection and I am wearing it right now!

My Little Beauty's Energising Mist | £7.50
I love this energising mist and My Little Beauty products are really good (from what I have recieved in previous boxes and read online). The products are designed in such a cute way and remind me of how Topshop products are designed. I really excited to give this a go because sometimes you do need instant refreshment.

Talika Photo-Hydra Day | £43.50 for 50ml
This is an incredible moisturiser especially if you suffer from dry skin. It gathers the actual energy from the sun and turns it into hydrating energy. It is such a good idea and my skin loves it!

My Little Energy Box was amazing this month and I can't wait to receive next months! Like it? Subscribe here.

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