Kendall Jenner // Shopping at Barneys

Hello everybody! If you follow me on Tumblr (here) then you would've see all the Kendall Jenner posts I reblog because I absolutely adore her and I always have. I recently saw these pictures of her shopping in Barney's last week and I am in love!

I definitely have the American dream, I would love nothing more than to live in L.A and go shopping with the Kardashian klan so I love looking at candids of their day to day lives. This was Kendall Jenner's outfit 2 days after Christmas! Look how beautiful the weather is, does winter in L.A even exist?

Anyway, moving on to the outfit, I absolutely love this look. The top is my favourite part, it is a crop top from Marques'Almeida paired with white skinny jeans. The sandals are Saint Laurent and both the bag and shades are Celine (of course). This look is gorgeous and I would love to steal this style for summer this year because there is no way we are getting any sun like this here in England. What do you think of Kendall Jenner's look?


  1. I love this outfit and would definitely love to live in LA as well! Kendall Jenner is so beautiful she looks amazing in basically anything but this look is a stand out for me,

    X Emma |

    1. Ikr! She pulls off every outfit its amazing *.* x


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