First Aid Beauty // FAB Faves To Go Kit

Hello everybody, its been a while since I have mentioned skincare on my blog. As I watch alot of 'beauty gurus' on Youtube for a while most of the popular ones would go on about how First Aid Beauty is amazing and it was quite obvious that they were all sent them by PR companies never the less I looked up First Aid Beauty and thought it sounded like the perfect fit for my skin! So I picked the FAB Faves To Go Kit from Feelunique just before Christmas.

I waited a while for these because it was super busy with Christmas just around the corner but once it arrived I was so happy! This kit contains the essentials for everyday skin with face cleanser, face moisturiser and a toner to exfoliate. The products in this set are aimed at dry/sensitive skin which is what I am. I have always been someone with oily/blemish skin but as I am on Accutane (will do a post about that in the future) my skin has become quite dry and these are perfect.

The face cleanser is amazing, it reminds me alot of a Cetaphil cleanser because its very light and there is nothing bad added, also a little goes a long way. The moisturiser is pretty much the same in the sense that it is very natural and good for the skin, you do need alot of it in dry areas of the skin for it to actually hydrate you though. The facial radiance pads are amazing! I love these I can't believe I've lived without them this long! They make your skin feel so soft and smooth, they aren't that nice on sensitive skin though because sometimes it stings abit on the more sensitive parts of my face but not often.

First Aid Beauty is amazing and I regret not trying it sooner, see the full range here. I want to try the purifying mask with red clay, it looks really good for when you get breakouts. What do you guys think of First Aid Beauty?

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