Favourite Instagram Accounts

I spend way too much time on Instagram but who doesn't? I mean really, it's so addictive and such a good app. I recently read a post on Beataba about her favourite Instagram accounts and I thought I would share mine aswell because I am always looking for new people to follow, here are some of my favourites!

befitfam  - I follow so many healthy eating/fitness accounts and this is by far my favourite. With daily motivation and inspiration to encourage you to get down to the gym which I definitely need! 

stylebymanda - I do follow alot of accounts like this with daily inspiration from make-up to fashion and holidays. I love these types of accounts because the pictures are so beautiful and like I said it is inspiration for everyone's day to day life.

whymodels - This was the first Instagram account I followed that was dedicated to models and from there I followed tons more but I love these accounts! Whymodels is my personal favourite with daily posts of every model out there and I love looking at old polaroid shots of models when they were new to the industry.

parisinfourmonths - This may be my favourite Instagram account. It is basically the life of a girl who moved to Paris for four months and never left and she writes an amazing blog (here). Paris is such a beautiful place and I love her feed, I hope my life is this beautiful on day.

yoga_girl - I think yoga girl is pretty famous on Instagram and so she should be! Her feed is amazing and another motivation for me to go the gym. The beaches she does her yoga are so gorgeous, I would definitely take up yoga if I could do it on a beautiful beach.

So they are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts, I have tons more I wanted to include but we would be here all day so these are 5 of my favourites. Follow me on Instagram here if you want to see snapshots of my life. What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

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