Hello loves, I'm here with an outfit post like FINALLY. I took these photos about a month ago and I don't know what possessed me to do an OOTD post when the weather was grim and it had literally just stopped raining when these were taken so please excuse my hair and the umbrella in my bag (see below). This look isn't anything special I just wanted to get some shots with the scenery around me, enjoy!
umbrella making an appearance


Scarf - New Look Denim Jacket - Forever 21 Grey T-shirt - Topshop Jeans - New Look Pumps - Matalan Bag - Fiorelli

I hope to post many more OOTD posts my loves so stay tuned!

Love, Heather x

The Topshop Coat

I recently had a bit of fun with this dreamy coat from Topshop. I was helping my friend do some photos and modelled this gorgeous coat, it was to die for. It was so soft and warm, its the type of coat I would see in the shop and never buy myself so it was fun to wear it for abit. These first 5 were taken on 35mm film so they seem to be a lot more vibrant but the rest were taken digitally.

These are some of the best shoots from the day! Hope you enjoyed viewing my terrible modelling skills, I had a ball though.

Love, Heather x

Gift Guide: Watches for her

With Christmas literally round the corner I'm sure you've all got your presents sorted or at least got ideas but if you are looking for a watch for someone this year I have some ideas for you! I am lusting after a new watch myself, I find ASOS have a gorgeous range at reasonable prices, some designers who are to die for are Olivia Burton and of course Marc Jacobs, enjoy my loves.

Thats it for the watches! I am so tempted to buy myself one but I'll wait to see what appears under my tree...

love, Heather x

Lets Go Shopping: Turtleneck Jumpers

Everybody loves a good turtleneck jumper especially this season everyone seems to be wearing them, even on the red carpet so I have compiled a collection of a few high street and designer turtleneck jumpers to give you inspiration for dressing in this weather!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I love turtlenecks, a stylish way to keep your neck warm in this chilly weather. See you soon, Heather x

Model Off Duty: Kendall Jenner Street Style

Hello babes, today is all about Kendall Jenner my biggest street style inspiration, she recently turned 20 and walked the Victoria's Secret runway so I thought it was time for an updated version of her street style. I did as post well over a year age (here) which is my most viewed post so here's to more of her flawless looks...

First off is a flawless airport look, when you become a celebrity do you automatically just look fabulous everytime you go the airport? Kendall always looks fabulous when papped after a flight (tell us your secret girl). This look is one of my favourites that I have seen from her, very boho yet high fashion. I swear this girl would look good in anything!

I feel like this look was talked about alot when Kendall first wore it and quite rightly so it is on point! From the top bun to the silver shoes, it all works. I love this jumper, it looks so comfy. This look is to die for and I would love to recreate a similar some time because them shoes are perfect.

I just realised this is the only look in this post where Kendall is not wearing jeans, I love these pants though they fit perfectly with the L.A vibe surrounding her and with that top it is just a match made in heaven. I don't think you can really go wrong with a monochrome look like this because everyone looks good in black and white, they just do.

I included this looks because I love the top, this picture doesn't show it fully but it is a tribute to Michael Jackson. I just love that colour blue and paired with the back skinny jeans it looks gorgeous. These boots I believe are Saint Laurent and suede, I love suede boots and these ones are so chic. The whole look looks so good with the shades and hat ensemble, never fails.

Lastly is this look that Kendall sported while attending lunch. I love the colour of this top and that belt id divine, this look has got to be one of my favourites because its so vibrant yet stylish. I love the shoes aswell, they are the type of shoes I would never consider buying because I wouldn't know how to wear them but Kendall has inspired me!

That is it for round 2 of my Kendall Jenner street style! What looks do you like?

Love, Heather x

Favourite Looks from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015

Hi dolls, hope life is treating you all well. I haven't blogged in over a month but today I am sitting down to write a few blogposts, I have taken a few street style photos which will be up later this month (hopefully)! I had such a fun time shooting my own looks so I can't wait to share them with you all but today I am sharing my favourite looks from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that took place a few days ago!

Hope you enjoyed these looks, full gallery here. I was made up to see Kendall and Gigi on the runway as they are slaying the fashion world right now! The full show airs the beginning of December so I can't wait to see the full show with the performers.

Love, Heather x

Skincare, Make-up & Beauty Questions // Tags

Photo Credit: weheartit
Hi loves, I have been tagged to do the Skincare, Make-up & Beauty questions tag and I did get tagged over a week ago so I am a little late with this but hey better late than never, right? Enjoy!

How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice, morning and night.
What skin type do you have?
The most annoying combination skin! Sometimes oily, sometimes dry.
What is your current face wash?
The Body Shop camomile cleaning butter.
Do you buy your make-up on eBay?
I buy some, yes but I prefer shopping for it on the high street.
Do you like drugstore make-up?
I love it!
Do you go to CCO's?
I have never been to one, no.
Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
I did assist a make-up artist for a weekend giving make-up classes and it was really fun. I would definitely attend one.
Are you clumsy in putting on make-up?
I reallllllly am.
Name a make-up crime that you hate.
Get the right foundation shade! (I have been guilty of this)
Do you like colourful shades or neutral shades?
I'm all about the neutral shades.
Which celebrity always has perfect make-up?
Kendall Jenner! She keeps it so natural and I love that, the whole Kardashian clan has flawless make-up to be honest but I couldn't pull off all that contouring myself.
If you could leave the house using only ONE make-up product, what would you use?
A moisturising lip balm because my lips get too dry. Maybe the Lollibalm by Benefit as that is the perfect product for me!
Could you ever leave the house without any make-up on?
Do you think you look good even without any make-up on?
Not really as I have a lot of breakouts so I constantly feel insecure and them under eye circles, don't get me started.
In your opinion, what is the BEST make-up line?
What do you think of make-up?
I love it, I really do. I think its great for people to feel confident, dress up and express their creativity.

Thats all for todays post! If you're reading this then I encourage you to do this same post, I love being tagged in these things they are so fun. Huge thank you to Alisha for tagging me in this.

Love, Heather xx

Street Style // PFW Spring 2016

The last leg of fashion month is drawing to a close at Paris and it has been an amazing month! I spend a lot more time analysing the street style during this time than what's actually on the runway so here are my favourite street style looks from Paris fashion week.

Thats all for this post! This month has been fabulous both on and off the catwalk. What have been your favourite shows and looks?

Love, Heather x

Street Style // MFW Spring 2016

We've been to New York and London and now Milan fashion week is here! I personally think some of the best street style has been captured this week compared to the last week even though they were also incredibly stylish. Here are my favourite street style looks from the latest fashion week.

Thats all for this post! Looking forward to Paris Fashion Week.

Love, Heather x

Street Style // LFW Spring 2016

Hi loves, I'm a little late with this post as LFW has gone by and we are well and truly into MFW but hey its never too late to appreciate good street style, right? Here are some of my favourite looks from the week gone by!

Check out the full gallery here. Heres to the second half of the fashion season being as fabulous as the first half!

Love, Heather x
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