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In August I posted a review of the Rimmel Brow This Way Clear Gel and it became one of my most popular posts for a while. I repurchased the same brow gel last week with 2 other products as Rimmel were offering 3 for 2 and if you bought 3 Rimmel products you got a free Kate Moss nail polish which is gorgeous. Today's post is about these products as they all relate to brows and I have been getting really into brows lately because I never used to bother with them but how your eyebrows look can change everything, hate to sound that dramatic but its true!

Firstly I bought the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel in clear and this has become such an essential in my everyday make-up routine, I honestly don't know how I lived without it. My eyebrows can get a bit crazy when I haven't had them waxed in a while and this gel is such a saviour for around them times. I just had my eyebrows done about 3 days ago and they are quite thin but this gel is still essential because it just keeps them in place and it weirdly smells amazing, plus its only £3.99 which is a bargain. Down side is its quite small and it gets dirty quite quick.

Next up is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. This is also a repurchase as I first bought this is May as mentioned in this haul. The pencil has not ran out but the brush is ruined completely and I needed a new pencil as I had previously bought the wrong shade but you can pass it off if you blended it with some eyeshadow. This pencil is the only eyebrow pencil I have ever used and I love it! It works perfectly for me so I don't feel the need to buy any other eyebrow pencils because this one is affordable and does the job really well.

Lastly is the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit. I am super excited to have this because I have just been filling my eyebrows in with a pencil and some eyeshadow (and doing a terrible job may I add) but this kit comes with proper brow tools to define your brows and make them look smooth. I love this so much, it fills my eyebrows in gorgeously and doing that it really defines my whole face which is a bonus. I am so happy I got this because my brows look better than ever with them.

That concludes my post on brows! What eyebrow products are your favourites? I still need to try the Benefit Gimmebrow but not sure if its worth the money.

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