Christmas Spirit

As Christmas is quite literally around the corner I thought I would do a post on Christmas. To start with do you like the new blog design? I realise this is not Christmas related but I love it and its alot more professional than my old one and its main colours are pink & blue which are my favourite colours so its pretty much perfect.

Today I got my first official Christmas present from one of my friends in college as we did secret santa and I received Love & Wilde hand cream in honey & vanilla, Baby Lips & Barry M nail polish in 'Berry Cosmo'. I was beyond happy with these gifts because they are all my favourite things and I actually don't own that Baby Lip's which is surprising. I also featured my Kate Moss nail polish in this post because I am currently wearing it and its very festive, its also my first Kate Moss Rimmel product and I love it! Definitely going to pick up the lipsticks sometime.

I wanted to get some super christmassy photos for this post but honestly my room doesn't look that festive, I have a blue tree with tinsel on it as I broke my lights for it (oops) but I love having colourful trees, for the past few years I've had a pink christmas tree but sadly its legs broke. I also have pear baubles which I've had for years now and I absolutely love them.

I never normally wrap presents to be honest, I'm more of a gift bag person because its less hassle but I decided I'm going to wrap all my presents this year in adorable Disney wrapping paper, I'm still waiting for alot of presents to come as I ordered them off Amazon so when they come I'm going to have so many gifts under that tree! I'm feeling the Christmas spirit now as I wasn't feeling very festive at the beginning of December like I normally do but I cannot wait for Christmas to come now and of course the January Sales!

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