Bourjois // 3D Effet Lip Gloss

Yes I've bought more lip products but I couldn't resist these gems. Bourjois are a brand I love and I hadn't tried anything from them until a few months ago and I have been impressed with every product I've tried. I picked up these 3D effet lip glosses last month and I realise they have been around for a while, they are not a new thing but I only just discovered them and I'm in love.

Firstly I got the Les Cocktails/Cassis Tropical one from poundland, YES POUNDLAND. A massive steal considering they sell the exact same lip gloss in Superdrug for about £6.99. I got it because it was £1 basically and I didn't expect much but its one of my favourite lip glosses, the application is so easy. The next one I got, I have no idea what its actually called but its from the nude collection I think. I got it from eBay for about £3 which, again, is such a steal. These lipglosses are amazing and I need to pick up more they last a long time, the application is easy.

Pick them up here in Boots. I am so impressed with these and I need to explore Bourjois more, I will be visiting the Bourjois counter in the January sales! What Bourjois products do you recommend?

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