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As you probably know Boots have their own cosmetic lines No. 7 and Seventeen, I have always been a huge fan of them as there is a Boots about 5 minutes away from my house so I always find myself going there even when I don't need anything. I love the Seventeen range as it is alot more affordable than the No. 7 line and I recently bought the Seventeen Lip Lustres which are only £3.99 and currently 3 for 2!

My lip collection is mainly just different shades of pink and red to be honest so I wanted to buy some shades that weren't pink or red. I found it incredibly hard because I suit pink better than any colour but I did invest in two lip lustres that were different to any that I own. I got 'Ice Maiden' and 'Kiss The Stars' which still carry a hint of pink in them but they are also peach/orange which is refreshing. I did pick up 'Queen of the Diamonds' as well because it was such a lovely colour and its very subtle, even though I definitely don't need any more pinks.

The lip lustres themselves are wonderful. I have heard some bad reviews on them but I honestly love them, they are £3.99 which is a wonderful price, they give such a glossy shine to your lips and in such a range of shades it is hard to find one you don't love. I would say they are not the best at moisturising your lips so I always use lip balm underneath them, they aren't sticky which was a relief because that is such a pet hate of mine. They last for a decent amount of time on your lips so you don't have to constantly re-apply, I would completely recommend these! What do you think of the Seventeen Lip Lustre's?

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