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Its been a while since I last posted and I am incredibly sorry! I have had so much work to do recently, I just started my very first job so its a shock to my system and when I sat down to blog, I got major bloggers block. I am back, I have taken so many photos for upcoming blog posts and I intend to post alot more frequently than I have been because blogging is something I really enjoy doing and I don't want to spend all day going to college then going to work, wheres the fun in that?

Lets get on with the post! I love lip products, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I own way too much lip balm. My mum got me these Nivea Lip Butters which I had heard of and they were raved about by many beauty vloggers (especially in America) so I was excited to get my hands on them. I have the raspberry and original ones, you can also get blueberry and caramel which I will be trying!

I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between lip butter and lip balm but I find lip butter isn't as hydrating to my lips, from my experience with The Body Shop lip butters but these lip butters are 10x better at hydrating. I still think that lip balm's do a much better job at hydrating but these aren't bad. Lip butter's are alot thicker and give your lips more of a shine which is always a benefit, not to mention they smell amazing! I always get dry lips in the autumn/winter time so I have been using these like crazy.

For me, original is better. Although the raspberry one has a very fruity scent, I find myself licking it off my lips (ew I know). However, they both add a gorgeous shine to my lips, I am a big fan of lip balm's in tins than a chapstick anyway. Definitely one of the best lip products I have used in a while get them here. Also, I used my dads camera for these photos so they are alot sharper, I am getting a DSLR for Christmas so soon all my images will look that sharp, exciting!


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