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I haven't been posting alot throughout November and I am so sorry about that! I have had so much bloggers block its unreal, I haven't even been reading people's blogs that much either. I feel like my life is just working and going to college which sucks because I haven't seen alot of my friends in weeks (which is a long time for us). I am so happy to have a job because I have my own money to spend on what I want but I'm pretty much in work everyday I'm not in college especially leading up to Christmas as I work in retail. I have taken enough blog photos for about 15 posts, I took them weeks ago as well but I just haven't written a post to go with them.

I have been reading alot of blogs the past few days which has given me back the blogging spirit I was in need of. My personal favourite blog right now is her blog is seriously amazing (Google will translate it for you). I want to start making my blog abit more lifestyle and fashion as beauty has been the main focus on this blog recently which isn't a bad thing at all but I don't want to be categorized as just a beauty blog. I am dying to do OOTD posts but I currently don't own a camera because I sold mine in order to get money for a new one but I'm getting it as a Christmas present so I will have to wait a month. I do have my dad's camera and my friends have camera's so I may get them to take some OOTD posts for me, so hopefully I will have a few of them in the next few weeks!

Just wanted to do a quick life update about where I'm at right now so I will leave some general life inspiration below taken from my tumblr as I don't want to leave this post without pictures. Bye. 

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