The Bluecoat

I was feeling very inspired yesterday to take some pictures of just scenery that I visit alot because I never realise just how beautiful some places are. I was having lunch yesterday at The Bluecoat which is a gallery here where I live and they have a cafe and a beautiful outdoor space to eat. The weather wasn't the best, I admit, but never the less I wanted to share some images with you guys, enjoy!

As I previously mentioned on my blog I want to add abit more lifestyle to my blog so this post fits that theme! Let me know what other lifestyle posts you want to see! :)

Taylor Swift // Monochrome Inspiration

Aloha so Taylor Swift pretty much always kills it when it comes to street style and her latest look is this beautiful monochrome look. I have been loving monochrome lately and it is definitely a strong theme in my winter wardrobe, this look is making me wish for summer so I can walk around in skirts and no tights!

I saw this floating around Tumblr and I was in love. I love the 1975 (who doesn't?), in case you haven't noticed Taylor Swift has awesome taste in pretty much everything. Sporting a band tee with a skater skirt is beautiful, it fits perfectly together and shows off her legs which are beautiful. Keeping it casual with flats aswell, I think Taylor has pretty much nailed this look. Not to mention her classic red lip, she pulls it off so well.

1975 Tank / Charlotte Russe Plaid Peplum Skater Skirt / YSL Lipstick / Sophie Hulme Black Box Leather Tote Bag / Taylor Perfume / Ray Bans

I would love to recreate this look in the summer months and I'm thinking H&M or Zara would be perfect for this. What do you think of Taylor's look?


Life Lately

I haven't been posting alot throughout November and I am so sorry about that! I have had so much bloggers block its unreal, I haven't even been reading people's blogs that much either. I feel like my life is just working and going to college which sucks because I haven't seen alot of my friends in weeks (which is a long time for us). I am so happy to have a job because I have my own money to spend on what I want but I'm pretty much in work everyday I'm not in college especially leading up to Christmas as I work in retail. I have taken enough blog photos for about 15 posts, I took them weeks ago as well but I just haven't written a post to go with them.

I have been reading alot of blogs the past few days which has given me back the blogging spirit I was in need of. My personal favourite blog right now is her blog is seriously amazing (Google will translate it for you). I want to start making my blog abit more lifestyle and fashion as beauty has been the main focus on this blog recently which isn't a bad thing at all but I don't want to be categorized as just a beauty blog. I am dying to do OOTD posts but I currently don't own a camera because I sold mine in order to get money for a new one but I'm getting it as a Christmas present so I will have to wait a month. I do have my dad's camera and my friends have camera's so I may get them to take some OOTD posts for me, so hopefully I will have a few of them in the next few weeks!

Just wanted to do a quick life update about where I'm at right now so I will leave some general life inspiration below taken from my tumblr as I don't want to leave this post without pictures. Bye. 

Nivea // Lip Butters

Its been a while since I last posted and I am incredibly sorry! I have had so much work to do recently, I just started my very first job so its a shock to my system and when I sat down to blog, I got major bloggers block. I am back, I have taken so many photos for upcoming blog posts and I intend to post alot more frequently than I have been because blogging is something I really enjoy doing and I don't want to spend all day going to college then going to work, wheres the fun in that?

Lets get on with the post! I love lip products, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I own way too much lip balm. My mum got me these Nivea Lip Butters which I had heard of and they were raved about by many beauty vloggers (especially in America) so I was excited to get my hands on them. I have the raspberry and original ones, you can also get blueberry and caramel which I will be trying!

I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between lip butter and lip balm but I find lip butter isn't as hydrating to my lips, from my experience with The Body Shop lip butters but these lip butters are 10x better at hydrating. I still think that lip balm's do a much better job at hydrating but these aren't bad. Lip butter's are alot thicker and give your lips more of a shine which is always a benefit, not to mention they smell amazing! I always get dry lips in the autumn/winter time so I have been using these like crazy.

For me, original is better. Although the raspberry one has a very fruity scent, I find myself licking it off my lips (ew I know). However, they both add a gorgeous shine to my lips, I am a big fan of lip balm's in tins than a chapstick anyway. Definitely one of the best lip products I have used in a while get them here. Also, I used my dads camera for these photos so they are alot sharper, I am getting a DSLR for Christmas so soon all my images will look that sharp, exciting!


Seventeen // Lip Lustres

As you probably know Boots have their own cosmetic lines No. 7 and Seventeen, I have always been a huge fan of them as there is a Boots about 5 minutes away from my house so I always find myself going there even when I don't need anything. I love the Seventeen range as it is alot more affordable than the No. 7 line and I recently bought the Seventeen Lip Lustres which are only £3.99 and currently 3 for 2!

My lip collection is mainly just different shades of pink and red to be honest so I wanted to buy some shades that weren't pink or red. I found it incredibly hard because I suit pink better than any colour but I did invest in two lip lustres that were different to any that I own. I got 'Ice Maiden' and 'Kiss The Stars' which still carry a hint of pink in them but they are also peach/orange which is refreshing. I did pick up 'Queen of the Diamonds' as well because it was such a lovely colour and its very subtle, even though I definitely don't need any more pinks.

The lip lustres themselves are wonderful. I have heard some bad reviews on them but I honestly love them, they are £3.99 which is a wonderful price, they give such a glossy shine to your lips and in such a range of shades it is hard to find one you don't love. I would say they are not the best at moisturising your lips so I always use lip balm underneath them, they aren't sticky which was a relief because that is such a pet hate of mine. They last for a decent amount of time on your lips so you don't have to constantly re-apply, I would completely recommend these! What do you think of the Seventeen Lip Lustre's?

B. // Micellar water

Micellar water is something that has never really appealed to me because I don't really like the idea of not rinsing off your cleanser but I thought I would give it ago because I've seen rave reviews on micellar water everywhere. The B. line in Superdrug were offering buy one get one free on all their products so I thought why not? It was only £4.99 and I also got the make-up wipes.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this because on paper it seems like something I would hate and I was paranoid it would clog my pores but I have been using it for a while now and I love it. I have recently just bought the Garnier micellar water because I have been reading a ton of reviews on that. Anyway back to this one, it is super affordable and it does work. I removes your face make-up perfectly but it sucks for eye make-up which is why I use a seperate make-up remover for my eyes.

This is the only micellar water I have ever used but I am sold! It is such a quick and efficient way of removing make-up, iI'm not sure about it being the best cleanser because its hard to believe that it can cleanse, tone and remove make-up but its not giving me any breakouts so I am happy. What other micellar waters would you guys recommend? I want to try more of them!

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