Nuxe // Huile Prodigieuse

Hey guys as  I mentioned a few weeks ago I got this Nuxe dry oil in My Little Box and it was the first dry oil I have ever owned so I was super excited. I have used this several times now and I am loving it! It is for face, body & hair so basically you can use it anywhere, I first used it on my face which was amazing. At first I was a little hesitant because I thought it would make my skin super oily and probably red known my skin but it was all fine. At first my skin was shiny but it quickly faded and I applied it before bed anyway so I didn't care much what I looked like.

I haven't really used it on my body because its only small and I don't really want to waste loads of it on making my skin look amazing when all I've been wearing is jeans lately. However, when I first got it I did use it on my arms just through curiosity and it left me with a very smooth arm that smelt gorgeous. I hate putting oil in my hair because I am paranoid my hair will get super greasy but this oil worked wonders for my hair, it was definitely a perfect match for my hair. It gave my hair shine and no extra oil.

The only downside really if that it leaves you with oily hands that can be so annoying, it took me ages to get it off my hands but its worth it! Buy it here, definitely worth the money and I will be investing in more when this all runs out. What dry oils would you recommend?

Also I finally got a job! So I will have more money now to save up, buy things which means I will have more things to blog about, something to look forward to. :)


  1. I have this, I received the full size as a free gift with purchase and I love it!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Its amazing! Need to get the full size one x


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