My Little Parisienne Box

My Little Box is a fairly new concept here in the UK. It is basically a beauty box only better, this is the first time I have received it but I'm in love. Each month is a different theme and this month the theme was Paris so it comes with little things that relate to Paris, not to mention a few beauty goodies!

First up are the non-beauty goodies. The first thing I got was a little poster (I think anyway) that is a quote that says 'Why Paris? Paris needs no reason. Paris is its own reason.' Which I love! The illustrations on all these gifts are adorable and definitely fit the chic, parisienne theme. Next was a blank notebook with a Parisian woman on the front sitting at a coffee shop, like I said the illustrations are everything. I don't know when I will use this notebook but I will find this adorable notebook a purpose! Lastly, I got stickers set out in, what looks like, a scene from a French film. I put these stickers on the lid of my laptop because it was suggested and it looks so much better than just the word 'acer'.

The first thing I got was this gorgeous laptop sleeve which fots my laptop perfectly although I think it is intended for Macbook's. This is absolutely adorable, I don't own a laptop sleeve, I own such a boring grey case for mine so along with the stickers, lets just say in public I will look fabulous with my beautifully decorated laptop and laptop sleeve.

The best part, beauty goodies! I was over the moon with the products I recieved. They came in a little white bag which I will keep for something in the future, it will come in handy one day, right? Anyway, the first product I recieved was NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil which smells lush. I am not the biggest fan of using oils as my skin is oily enough so I am always abit hesitant but as this is dry oil, I was pleasantly surprised by it as it left my skin feeling so smooth, I look foward to using it on my hair.

Next I got 'Stylo Lumiere' which is a highlighter pen and is from there own beauty range 'My Little Beauty' these products are so cute, they look alot like the design of Topshop make-up. I really like the concept of this as it is a brush but when you turn the end, the make-up starts to come out so its in the centre of the brush and you can just sweep it on the the desired area, it was recommended to use on eyelids which I have been doing for a lovely glow.

The last thing I received was the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer which I was so excited for! I was reading other blog posts about the September My Little Box to see what everyone received and I was praying I would also get this primer because I really wanted to try it. Laura Mercier is a brand I have literally never tried, I never see it in stores although I'm sure its in John Lewis, so this is the first product I have tried from the brand. I am in love with this primer! I will defninitely be doing a full post on this because I have used it for about 5 days but I instantly fell in love and I could rave about it for days.

My Little Box is £14.95 per month here. Side note: This post wasn't sponsored believe it or not.

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