L'Oreal // Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Aloha. I feel like L'Oreal is a brand that I hardly even use when it comes to make-up and I need to use it more because I always hear great things about it. Anyway, todays post is long overdue because this make-up remover was mentioned in one of my favourites months and months ago, I have had this so long and I should've blogged about it sooner because it is one of my essentials.

The L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-up Remover is a make-up remover specifically for the eyes that is water based and its the only eye make-up remover I have ever used because I bought it off Amazon one day as an impulse buy so I didn't really read any reviews or anything but I love it. I admit at first I don't think it was neccessary for me to even own it because the only eye make-up I used to wear was mascara which is the easiest thing to get off even with just a make-up wipe but over the past few months I have started wearing alot more eye make-up than I used to and I am so happy to have this.

It really is gentle which I love the most about it because my skin is very sensitive as it is and this doesn't bother it at all. Its also really in expensive and does remove make-up. Although on the back all the instructions are in other languages not in English so I just assumed you used cotton wool and that seems to be working for me. This is very good at removing waterproof mascara because when I first bought this I wore just a simple mascara that came off quick easily but I now use a waterproof mascara that is way better and this has been a saviour for getting it off but micellar water just doesn't remove it whats so ever.

This product is amazing as expected and I would recommend it to everyone who wears alot of eye make-up because it does get the job done. What eye make-up remover do you use?

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