Laura Mercier // Foundation Primer

As I previously mentioned here, I recieved the Laura Mercier foundation primer in My Little Box in September and I instantly fell in love so I needed to make a post to share it with you all. Enjoy!

This is the third primer I have ever used as I have used the Porefessional from Benefit and the Baby Skin from Maybelline. I didn't like the Porefessional what-so-ever but Baby Skin worked really well with my skin, but compared to this primer they were both awful! This primer is amazing, it is a nice consistency, it is really easy to apply, smooths over the skin really nicely and gives you a lovely matte finish for when you apply foundation. Honestly, this leaves the most amazing base for foundation ever and I can't imagine not using it. This primer is oil-free which is a massive bonus aswell.

It also doesn't show any lines from when you were applying foundation so it leaves your foundation looking flawless and makes it last alot longer. Its very refreshing to the skin I found which may not be to everyones taste as it can feel a little greasy especially after applying moisturiser but it didn't massively bother me and plus it has so many plus sides that one negative isn't going to put me off the product. I urge you all to try this because it is seriously amazing and although it is not as cheap as say Maybelline or Rimmel, it is so much better so its worth it.

Have you guys used this? What is your go-to foundation primer?

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