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Before I started Magazines and Dreams I had another blog called haveafabulushday which was a mess but I'd like to think I learnt alot from that blog because it was my first blog and I made all of my mistakes on that blog (seriously my first post was 'Man Crush Monday'). In a way I wish I had kept that blog just to compare it to how I blog now as my first few months of blogging were all on that blog. Anyway, I digress, on my old blog I did a post about the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub and today I am writing a post on the same thing only better because I actually know what I am doing!

So I first bought this lip scrub back in June 2013 when I had my old blog and even then I was exceptionally late on the bandwagon as it was the first LUSH product I had ever used aswell. I didn't really understand what the hell a lip scrub did or why you would use one but my nan took me shopping and I figured I might aswell try it as its not my money, right? I saw that MissGlamorazzi used it on Youtube so i figured it must be good. I was right! This lip scrub has been a life saviour for me. If you don't know what a lip scrub is, its basically just sugar you put on your lips and lick off, then leaves you with refreshed, soft lips.

You can get bubblegum, mint and popcorn lip scrubs from Lush but to me the only one that really appealed to me was the bubblegum one. Lip scrubs are really easy to make yourself (so I hear) which leads to alot of people not wanting to buy one because they are £5.50 so its understandable but I find anything I DIY usually ends in a disaster, seriously. For me, this is worth the money, my lips get chapped and dry so easily and this sorts the problem out straight away. It lasts you ages aswell, I hardly used mine from months because my lips didn't need it so mine has lasted over a year which is impressive. I mean there is a reason that LUSH lip scrubs are highly commended in the world of beauty bloggers so I would definitely urge you to try one or at least attempt to make your own.

What do you think of LUSH lip scrubs? Worth it or a waste?

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