Balance Me Beauty Event // Chester

Hello everyone! On Wednesday I went to a beauty event down in Chester for Balance Me Beauty which was sponsored by Marie Claire and hosted in Debenhams, I had such a wonderful time. The event was in the restaurant part of Debenhams and it was lovely, it was so cute. As I have never been to a beauty event before I was super excited and didn't really know what to expect but it was really good.

It took us a while to find it as Debenhams was actually closed so we had to go in a different way. The event was basically an event all about skincare and the range that Balance Me offered, the founder of the company was there and she was lovely. We were greeted with little glasses of champagne and there was a table full of cakes (which is where I spent too much time). The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was lovely. I haven't used a great deal of Balance Me products so it was nice to get a look at them all, while being informed on what they would do.

One of the best things there (in my opinion) was the skin reading. If you've never had one before, which I hadn't, a skin reading is when you put your head in a machine and its really hot but it shows what your skin is actually doing on the inside which is really cool and helpful. It found that my skin was very sensitive but mostly fine so I got given some free samples to try as they were suited to my skin.

At the end of the night we were given a lovely gift bag that contained hand cream, cleanser, body wash, face cream & eye cream. As you may know I already love their eye cream so I was beyond excited to get another one of them because I will most likely run out soon. I have been using the face cream day and night because I got a free tester over it from my skin check then in the gift bag a full size one so I will be sure to do a full post on it because I am loving it! I also love the body wash (not that I need anymore, I am not a massive fan of hand cream in general but this hand cream smells amazing so I will be giving it a go throughout these winter months.

Overall, the evening was lovely and I had a little browse around Chester where I got a winter coat and some winter boots! Side note: all the pictures were taken on my phone so I apologise for the quality! Did any of you attend any of the Balance Me events?

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