Monthly Favourites // October

Hello loves, cannot believe November is in 2 days! I'm loving the autumn weather and this is definitely my favourite part of the year, I'm so excited for the next few months. Anyway, I have my October favourites today as I have done hardly any shopping this month, my favourites are smaller than usual but never the less, enjoy. :)

Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Maga Melon' / LINK
I have been lusting after the chubby sticks from Clinique for a few months now and never got around to buying one but I finally got my hands on this one in 'Maga Melon' which is a gorgeous shade, I am not at all disappointed with these as Clinique are such a good brand I definitely had high expectations. I realize I am late on the bandwagon with these but if you have never used one, you need to!

Maybelliene Baby Lips in 'Mango Pie' / LINK
Baby Lip's are widely known and this is definitely not the first one I have used, I think I pretty much own them all now except the neon ones but this month I have been using this one like crazy. Mango is one of my favourite scents and I love Baby Lips so this was perfect for me. It is also super moisturising which is essential in this weather, not the mention you can get these for just a £1!

Topshop Nails in 'Buttermilk' / LINK
I did a post on this nail polish just last week and it has definitely been my favourite nail polish this month and one of my favourites all time. It is such a lovely shade and lasts so long, Topshop nail polishes are one of my favourites anyway but I hadn't bought one for a while so when I bought this, I was reminded just how good these nail polishes are.

The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Body, Room & Linen Spray / LINK
I got this for my birthday back in August off my friend Amy and at first I was abit unsure because orange isn't my favourite scent so I didn't use it for a while but I started using it and it has grown on me so much, its so refreshing and although you can smell in orange, its not overpowering. I still prefer the Pomegranate & Raspberry one though.

Music: Taylor Swift 1989
I am a massive Taylor Swift fan and have been for so long now so I was beyond excited for her new album 1989 and it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be. its seriously flawless. Go give it a listen, sadly it is not on Spotify. :(

So there are my October favourites, what are your October favourites?

Nuxe // Huile Prodigieuse

Hey guys as  I mentioned a few weeks ago I got this Nuxe dry oil in My Little Box and it was the first dry oil I have ever owned so I was super excited. I have used this several times now and I am loving it! It is for face, body & hair so basically you can use it anywhere, I first used it on my face which was amazing. At first I was a little hesitant because I thought it would make my skin super oily and probably red known my skin but it was all fine. At first my skin was shiny but it quickly faded and I applied it before bed anyway so I didn't care much what I looked like.

I haven't really used it on my body because its only small and I don't really want to waste loads of it on making my skin look amazing when all I've been wearing is jeans lately. However, when I first got it I did use it on my arms just through curiosity and it left me with a very smooth arm that smelt gorgeous. I hate putting oil in my hair because I am paranoid my hair will get super greasy but this oil worked wonders for my hair, it was definitely a perfect match for my hair. It gave my hair shine and no extra oil.

The only downside really if that it leaves you with oily hands that can be so annoying, it took me ages to get it off my hands but its worth it! Buy it here, definitely worth the money and I will be investing in more when this all runs out. What dry oils would you recommend?

Also I finally got a job! So I will have more money now to save up, buy things which means I will have more things to blog about, something to look forward to. :)

Balance Me // Moisture Rich Face Cream

Back with another post on Balance Me Beauty but honestly this brand has changed my skincare routine so much over the past month or so. I am so thankful to have discovered this brand because it is the perfect match to my skin and I have had no problems with any of the products and todays product is the Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream which I got free at the Balance Me Beauty event in Chester.

As I mentioned back in my post about the event (here) I got a skin check which was amazing because it showed what my skin was screaming out for and what I was not doing. I got given a small sample of this as it was recommended for me as my skin is very sensitive, then in addition to that I got a bigger one in the goody bag! I am so happy to have discovered this. The smell is heavenly, and since using it my skin has gotten a whole lot softer. I haven't really mentioned this on my blog but I recently went on Accutane because of my acne and what it basically does is stop your face producing oil so you don't break out. Don't get me wrong, Accutane works wonders but it leaves you with dry skin in random patches of your face and this moisturiser has saved all the dry patches and it leaves my skin hydrated but not oily which is perfect for me.

It is quick a thick moisturiser but its aimed at normal/dry skin so its main aim is to hydrate and keep signs of ageing at bay but I don't have to worry about that right now but its still a nice feature to throw in there. Like all the Balance Me products it smells gorgeous, its affordable and a little goes along way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is suffering with dry skin and its the perfect match if you have sensitive skin, as is the whole skincare range from Balance Me because it is all natural so no harsh chemicals will harm your sensitive skin.

Have you guys ever used this? What Balance Me products do you like?

Lily Collins // Love Rosie Premiere

It has been way too long since I have done a fashion related post, I have been so beauty obsessed lately which is not good for me because I have been spending way too much money! Anyway, today's post is Lily Collins who is not someone I've ever really considered as a fashion inspiration but she stunned at the Love Rosie premiere in Italy wearing Elie Saab 2014 Couture. Elie Saab dresses are to die for and Lily Collins pulled it off perfectly. *insert heart eyes emoji*

I don't even know where to start, I love absolutely everything about it. The colours, oh my gosh, the colours are just amazing, its heavenly to look at. I love the colour purple and this dress is all shades of purple in the best way. Going from black to such a bright shade of lilac is a gorgeous effect especially with shades of pink incorporated throughout, its honestly perfect.

Thats all for this post but I needed to make a post on this outfit, I couldn't ignore it. I have been considering posting my own outfits on this blog, I just need to take pictures of them! What do you guys think of this outfit?

Laura Mercier // Foundation Primer

As I previously mentioned here, I recieved the Laura Mercier foundation primer in My Little Box in September and I instantly fell in love so I needed to make a post to share it with you all. Enjoy!

This is the third primer I have ever used as I have used the Porefessional from Benefit and the Baby Skin from Maybelline. I didn't like the Porefessional what-so-ever but Baby Skin worked really well with my skin, but compared to this primer they were both awful! This primer is amazing, it is a nice consistency, it is really easy to apply, smooths over the skin really nicely and gives you a lovely matte finish for when you apply foundation. Honestly, this leaves the most amazing base for foundation ever and I can't imagine not using it. This primer is oil-free which is a massive bonus aswell.

It also doesn't show any lines from when you were applying foundation so it leaves your foundation looking flawless and makes it last alot longer. Its very refreshing to the skin I found which may not be to everyones taste as it can feel a little greasy especially after applying moisturiser but it didn't massively bother me and plus it has so many plus sides that one negative isn't going to put me off the product. I urge you all to try this because it is seriously amazing and although it is not as cheap as say Maybelline or Rimmel, it is so much better so its worth it.

Have you guys used this? What is your go-to foundation primer?

Topshop Nails // Buttermilk

Hello y'all. I have been spending so much time lately looking at nail polish, lusting after nail polish and buying a bit too much nail polish and I needed to make a post about one of the best purchases I have made for a while and that is the Topshop nail polish in 'Buttermilk'. I am loving this, I have been looking for a nude nail polish for a while now and this is everything I've been looking for.

This nail polish lasts ages, as I'm sure you would know if you had ever used Topshop nails. I only own 4 nail polishes from Topshop but they are definitely my favourites. The picture above is my nails after 4 days of wearing it, barely chipped and still looking fabulous. I would highly recommend this nail polish, the colour is gorgeous, I love nude nails more than anything and this ticks all the boxes. Also its very affordable at only £5 and the range of colours is amazing. Full range here.

What do you guys think of the Topshop nail collection?

L'Oreal // Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Aloha. I feel like L'Oreal is a brand that I hardly even use when it comes to make-up and I need to use it more because I always hear great things about it. Anyway, todays post is long overdue because this make-up remover was mentioned in one of my favourites months and months ago, I have had this so long and I should've blogged about it sooner because it is one of my essentials.

The L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-up Remover is a make-up remover specifically for the eyes that is water based and its the only eye make-up remover I have ever used because I bought it off Amazon one day as an impulse buy so I didn't really read any reviews or anything but I love it. I admit at first I don't think it was neccessary for me to even own it because the only eye make-up I used to wear was mascara which is the easiest thing to get off even with just a make-up wipe but over the past few months I have started wearing alot more eye make-up than I used to and I am so happy to have this.

It really is gentle which I love the most about it because my skin is very sensitive as it is and this doesn't bother it at all. Its also really in expensive and does remove make-up. Although on the back all the instructions are in other languages not in English so I just assumed you used cotton wool and that seems to be working for me. This is very good at removing waterproof mascara because when I first bought this I wore just a simple mascara that came off quick easily but I now use a waterproof mascara that is way better and this has been a saviour for getting it off but micellar water just doesn't remove it whats so ever.

This product is amazing as expected and I would recommend it to everyone who wears alot of eye make-up because it does get the job done. What eye make-up remover do you use?

Forever Favourite // LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Before I started Magazines and Dreams I had another blog called haveafabulushday which was a mess but I'd like to think I learnt alot from that blog because it was my first blog and I made all of my mistakes on that blog (seriously my first post was 'Man Crush Monday'). In a way I wish I had kept that blog just to compare it to how I blog now as my first few months of blogging were all on that blog. Anyway, I digress, on my old blog I did a post about the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub and today I am writing a post on the same thing only better because I actually know what I am doing!

So I first bought this lip scrub back in June 2013 when I had my old blog and even then I was exceptionally late on the bandwagon as it was the first LUSH product I had ever used aswell. I didn't really understand what the hell a lip scrub did or why you would use one but my nan took me shopping and I figured I might aswell try it as its not my money, right? I saw that MissGlamorazzi used it on Youtube so i figured it must be good. I was right! This lip scrub has been a life saviour for me. If you don't know what a lip scrub is, its basically just sugar you put on your lips and lick off, then leaves you with refreshed, soft lips.

You can get bubblegum, mint and popcorn lip scrubs from Lush but to me the only one that really appealed to me was the bubblegum one. Lip scrubs are really easy to make yourself (so I hear) which leads to alot of people not wanting to buy one because they are £5.50 so its understandable but I find anything I DIY usually ends in a disaster, seriously. For me, this is worth the money, my lips get chapped and dry so easily and this sorts the problem out straight away. It lasts you ages aswell, I hardly used mine from months because my lips didn't need it so mine has lasted over a year which is impressive. I mean there is a reason that LUSH lip scrubs are highly commended in the world of beauty bloggers so I would definitely urge you to try one or at least attempt to make your own.

What do you think of LUSH lip scrubs? Worth it or a waste?

Balance Me Beauty Event // Chester

Hello everyone! On Wednesday I went to a beauty event down in Chester for Balance Me Beauty which was sponsored by Marie Claire and hosted in Debenhams, I had such a wonderful time. The event was in the restaurant part of Debenhams and it was lovely, it was so cute. As I have never been to a beauty event before I was super excited and didn't really know what to expect but it was really good.

It took us a while to find it as Debenhams was actually closed so we had to go in a different way. The event was basically an event all about skincare and the range that Balance Me offered, the founder of the company was there and she was lovely. We were greeted with little glasses of champagne and there was a table full of cakes (which is where I spent too much time). The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was lovely. I haven't used a great deal of Balance Me products so it was nice to get a look at them all, while being informed on what they would do.

One of the best things there (in my opinion) was the skin reading. If you've never had one before, which I hadn't, a skin reading is when you put your head in a machine and its really hot but it shows what your skin is actually doing on the inside which is really cool and helpful. It found that my skin was very sensitive but mostly fine so I got given some free samples to try as they were suited to my skin.

At the end of the night we were given a lovely gift bag that contained hand cream, cleanser, body wash, face cream & eye cream. As you may know I already love their eye cream so I was beyond excited to get another one of them because I will most likely run out soon. I have been using the face cream day and night because I got a free tester over it from my skin check then in the gift bag a full size one so I will be sure to do a full post on it because I am loving it! I also love the body wash (not that I need anymore, I am not a massive fan of hand cream in general but this hand cream smells amazing so I will be giving it a go throughout these winter months.

Overall, the evening was lovely and I had a little browse around Chester where I got a winter coat and some winter boots! Side note: all the pictures were taken on my phone so I apologise for the quality! Did any of you attend any of the Balance Me events?

My Little Parisienne Box

My Little Box is a fairly new concept here in the UK. It is basically a beauty box only better, this is the first time I have received it but I'm in love. Each month is a different theme and this month the theme was Paris so it comes with little things that relate to Paris, not to mention a few beauty goodies!

First up are the non-beauty goodies. The first thing I got was a little poster (I think anyway) that is a quote that says 'Why Paris? Paris needs no reason. Paris is its own reason.' Which I love! The illustrations on all these gifts are adorable and definitely fit the chic, parisienne theme. Next was a blank notebook with a Parisian woman on the front sitting at a coffee shop, like I said the illustrations are everything. I don't know when I will use this notebook but I will find this adorable notebook a purpose! Lastly, I got stickers set out in, what looks like, a scene from a French film. I put these stickers on the lid of my laptop because it was suggested and it looks so much better than just the word 'acer'.

The first thing I got was this gorgeous laptop sleeve which fots my laptop perfectly although I think it is intended for Macbook's. This is absolutely adorable, I don't own a laptop sleeve, I own such a boring grey case for mine so along with the stickers, lets just say in public I will look fabulous with my beautifully decorated laptop and laptop sleeve.

The best part, beauty goodies! I was over the moon with the products I recieved. They came in a little white bag which I will keep for something in the future, it will come in handy one day, right? Anyway, the first product I recieved was NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil which smells lush. I am not the biggest fan of using oils as my skin is oily enough so I am always abit hesitant but as this is dry oil, I was pleasantly surprised by it as it left my skin feeling so smooth, I look foward to using it on my hair.

Next I got 'Stylo Lumiere' which is a highlighter pen and is from there own beauty range 'My Little Beauty' these products are so cute, they look alot like the design of Topshop make-up. I really like the concept of this as it is a brush but when you turn the end, the make-up starts to come out so its in the centre of the brush and you can just sweep it on the the desired area, it was recommended to use on eyelids which I have been doing for a lovely glow.

The last thing I received was the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer which I was so excited for! I was reading other blog posts about the September My Little Box to see what everyone received and I was praying I would also get this primer because I really wanted to try it. Laura Mercier is a brand I have literally never tried, I never see it in stores although I'm sure its in John Lewis, so this is the first product I have tried from the brand. I am in love with this primer! I will defninitely be doing a full post on this because I have used it for about 5 days but I instantly fell in love and I could rave about it for days.

My Little Box is £14.95 per month here. Side note: This post wasn't sponsored believe it or not.

Monthly Favourites // September

Hello everyone! I have had some serious blogger block lately, this is the first time I've sat down and wrote a blog post for about 10 days which feels like forever, I am here with my September favourites! I hope to blog alot more in October than I did in September, other things just got in the way and I didn't blog half as much as I wanted to so I hope October is a successful month for me blogging wise, despite my monthly favourites being 5 days late. Anyway, lets begin.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist / LINK
I am fairly certain I have mentioned vineyard peach on my blog before, I think I may of mentioned the vineyard peach shower gel in a previous monthly favourites. Anyway, this month I have been loving this body spray which I received for my birthday off one of my lovely friends. I had previously used this and I loved it but I have used it more than ever through September.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator / LINK
I got this in my August Birchbox and I didn't think much off at first as I rarely change cleansers because once I find one I like I am hesitant to change but this is such a lovely cleanser. It is tiny but you only need the smallest amount and you are supposed to use it 3 - 5 times a week so when you think about it, it will last you ages. I still have some left and its been well over a month!

Essence Lipstick in #7 'Natural Beauty / LINK
I got this in my August Glossybox and when I first used it I thought it was good but once I started using it alot I realised this is amazing! I am absolutely loving this lipstick, it is a gorgeous shade and lasts so long. Not to mention it is very hydrating which is what you need for the winter months coming.

Benefit Lollibalm / LINK
I bought this with some of my birthday money and it was definitely a risk I thought because £14.50 is alot to splurge on a lip balm but I don't regret it at all. This lip balm is so hydrating which is what I need as my lips have been dried out recently, it also adds a very subtle shade of pink across your lips which is lovely. I definitely have the Benebalm on my list after being so impressed with the Lollibalm.

That concludes my monthly favourites! I haven't included a TV Show as I haven't been watching anything new recently but I am overjoyed that The Vampire Diaries has returned! What are your monthly favourites?

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