The Body Shop // Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel & Body Lotion

Now as you may know The Body Shop now have a range of argan oil products which was a match made in heaven for me. The whole range looks fabulous (here) and there is still so many products I need to try but as I mentioned in my haul from The Body Shop I picked up the body lotion & shower gel from the range as they are the products I use the most. I did a post on the blueberry body lotion & shower gel a while back so this is very similar!

When I heard about the wild argan oil range I knew straight away I needed the shower gel because I am an addict to the shower gel's from The Body Shop, owning every single one at least once (guilty). I was super impressed with this shower gel, it had a thinner consistency than the other shower gels as it is oil based but that didn't bother me in any way. The smell is amazing and argan oil does wonders for your skin just as it does for your hair so argan oil shower gel is perfection. I have been using this way more than any other shower gel right now and I will be making a re-purchase soon!

I never set out to buy the body lotion from the range, originally I was set on buying the body butter but honestly I prefer body lotion to body butter (sorry). I am running low on body butter but I figured I would rather have more body lotions than body butters but you don't care about my reasoning for buying this, I get it. Moving on, this body lotion is gorgeous. I love bottles these body lotions come in, pumps are ideal and argan oil smells amazing so its a win-win situation. Also, it is not at all oily as many would think, me included, I was very surprised with how thick this body lotion was and how it left my skin smooth not oily or greasy. Definitely my new favourite body lotion.

Have you guys used any of the wild argan oil products? On my wishlist is the rough scrub & solid oil for lips!

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