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I am a huge lover of the tea tree range from the Body Shop, the cleanser is my holy grail cleanser so it is no surprise I love the face mask. I wasn't actually going to do a post but I needed to share with the world how much I was loving this. Side note: the pictures were not that great for this post so I have opted to just use the one photo which looks weird to me as I am used to using at least 2 photos but hey, we'll make it work.

I have been using this face mask for many years, on and off. This was recommended to me by a friend back when I was about 13 and I had never really used face masks, I had only used single ones that come in a sachet and even then I hadn't used a great deal so I first used this 3 years ago. I really loved it but when it ran out I never bought another one because I didn't think my skin needed it then when I started to get bad breakouts I started using it again, I switched to just using single sachet face masks from Superdrug which were 89p each and were also tea tree but I wasn't a fan of them being in sachets.

Eventually, I just gave up and just stopped with the whole face mask thing because I found it alot of hassle and I didn't think my skin was benefiting that much from it. Last month, I was determined to get into a good, clean skin care routine because mine was all over the place. I watched tons of youtube videos on skincare routines and read blogposts and used them as inspiration and as most of them included a face mask at least once a week I thought I would buy this as I had £5 off at The Body Shop and I have been using it once or twice a week and my skin is very thankful for it. This is most definitely worth the money and will last you so long, you don't have to apply that much and you just leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off which leads to breakouts being less frequent.

I have noticed a difference from using this, it may not just be this product alone but if you stick to a good skincare routine this will fit in perfectly (obviously depending on your skintype). Afterwards, your skin will feel very refreshed and clean. Have you guys used this?

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