Recent Nail Buys // Bourjois & Essie

I've done more shopping, its getting out of hand but I bought some nail polishes and you can never have too many nail polishes, right? 2 from Bourjois and 2 from Essie. Being someone who pretty much always has their nails painted it is surprising I have never used any nail polishes from Essie or Bourjois so I was super excited to try these.

I got a duo set on eBay from Essie (here). They are smaller than the normal Essie nail polishes but as this was first time trying Essie I wasn't massively bothered. I have used both of these, the first one is 'Super Bossa Nova' which is a very bright pink. Honestly, I own so many pinks I don't need anymore but never the less this is gorgeous, it is very glossy and I loved it on my nails. Out of this duo it was definitely my favourite the orange one 'Braziliant' is also gorgeous but pink will always be my favourite colour. The orange one had a very noticeable shimmer in comparison to the pink one which I liked but may not be everyones cup of tea. I did love this colour though, very summery and bright, if subtle is the type of nails you like I wouldn't recommend this. Overall, I am very impressed with Essie which I knew I would be as its such a big nail brand.

I picked up 2 Bourjois nail polishes along with the magic nail polish remover as Superdrug were offering 3 for 2 and I definitely don't regret buying them. I can't find the names of these shades on the bottle, here is a link to the whole collection. These are the 1 second nail enamels which have a silicone gel texture and being a fan of gel nails I needed to try these. The brush applicator is very thick, the bottle says its a fan effect brush which helps for neat nails. I found this alot easier to apply than most nail polishes. For example, the Essie applicator was very thin which made it very easy for you to mess up the nails which is the case for most nail polishes but Bourjois is probably the best applicator wise in my experience. I loved this nail polish, it is £5.99 which I would say is above the average price for nail polish but its worth it and the bottles are different to most (as you can see) with unnecessarily big tops but I love it. Definitely one of my new favourite nail polish brands but Barry M will always be my favourite.

What nail polish brands do you guys suggest? Do you like Essie and Bourjois?

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