Forever Favourite // L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

It feels like I haven't wrote a blog post in so long! I have been missing blogging lately and I noticed I've lost a few followers as I am not as frequent as I used to be so I am so sorry about that but I have other things going on right now. Anyway, today's post is a product that is one of my favourites, the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray.

This hairspray is quite iconic, well as far as hairsprays go this is pretty famous. For over 50 years Elnett Satin has been used and it is still very impressive. This was one of the first hairsprays I ever remember using and I used others after it but I kept going back to it because it is one of the best. This comes in alot of different varieties, for example some are so coloured hair, some are for dry hair etc. I personally just use the normal strength one as that works for me. I have used the extra strength one but most of the time my hair doesn't need it. I need to get my hands on the ones for coloured hair as that will benefit my hair massively.

There are many reasons why this hairspray is so widely used, obviously the many different varieties so everyone can use it but for me what I really love about it is how it makes your hair feel. Some hairsprays can make your hair feel 'hard' if you know what I mean, this doesn't and it leaves your hair feeling just as soft as it was before you added any hairspray which is fabulous. I am not a massive fan of the scent because it is quite strong and you can smell it throughout the day but it isn't a massive deal as it keeps your hair in place all day!

What do you guys think about this hairspray?

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